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Storytelling: how to make your lessons stick


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    Lecturers, (assistant) professors, PhD candidates and others who teach or speak in public

  • Date

    Once a year

  • Time

    One half day meeting;
    Preparation 20-30 minutes

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  • Trainers

    Elsemiek Meijs;

  • Course materials

    A short video to watch in advance and a short instruction for the preparation of the workshop

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    Visit the website of Spark


You will learn how to use everyday stories, including personal ones, in your lessons or presentations, to make your ideas and messages stick. Sticky lessons will lead to more connection with your students and other listeners. They will become more engaged and will more easily remember the content.
This will make your lectures have more impact.


We will work on the following aspects:

  • Why simple and concrete stories work
  • How to create a good story with the basic story elements
  • How to make your listeners feel something (instead of targeting their brain with facts and figures only)
  • How to connect stories to your main message or idea
  • How to spot good stories that life generates everyday
  • Your personal who-am-I and why-am-I-here story
  • How to use stories when you think you’re not a natural storyteller


This is a course with both a theoretical (show and tell) and a practical (experience) approach. Experiencing will be done in the form of storytelling exercises in smaller groups.
Prior to the course we ask you to watch a video and prepare a main message or idea for a lesson that you would like to use in the story exercises.


Not applicable.

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Storytelling: how to make your lessons stick
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