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Quit smoking, Allen Car's Easy way (live & online)

Quit smoking in one day with Allen Carr’s free Easyway training course (LIVE & online)

Why quit? Because you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

It’s not easy being a smoker these days – you can’t smoke in cafés, restaurants and railway stations anymore, and the UT campus is also smoke-free. If you’re a smoker yourself, you might feel like a bit of a pariah. But at the University of Twente, we don’t want to take anything away from smokers. Instead, we want to give them something. Because we greatly value the health and wellbeing of our employees, we’re inviting all UT staff to take Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking training course. Participation is free of charge, and you can do the course face-to-face or online. Allen Carr’s method has helped millions of people to quit smoking.

Why did we choose Allen Carr’s Easyway method?

We chose Allen Carr’s method for three main reasons:

1.    High success rate     

Several independent studies have shown that Allen Carr’s Easyway has a much higher success rate than other methods (see https://allencarr.nl/veelgestelde-vragen/wetenschappelijk-onderzoek)

2.    No motivation needed

Motivation grows during the training course (and there are smoke breaks during the session)

3.    Quick results (it only takes one day to quit) and free aftercare

The course consists of one five-hour session. Afterwards, you have access to free aftercare, which means you can sign up for unlimited online follow-up courses or call the helpline 24/7.

The Allen Carr coaches and method

The Allen Carr training course doesn’t focus on all the different reasons why you shouldn’t smoke: it’s a waste of money, it’s addictive, it’s bad for your health, the social stigma – if you’re a smoker, you’ve heard it all before. That’s why the Easyway method focuses on the reasons why smokers keep smoking, despite all the obvious drawbacks. This helps smokers realize that all the benefits they might attribute to smoking are actually false benefits. They also gain a better understanding of how the addiction mechanism works. After completing the training course, the desire to smoke will be gone. The Allen Carr method turns smokers into happy non-smokers who don’t feel like there’s something missing from their lives, but who experience a huge sense of relief and excitement because they’ve finally managed to kick their habit. You can still smoke, but you simply don’t want to anymore.

You don’t have to stop smoking ahead of the training course, and there are even regular smoke breaks during the session itself. At the end of the course, there’s an important moment: you smoke your last cigarette. After the course is over, you’ll have access to the online follow-up courses and you can call the coaches 24/7 if you have any questions.

All the coaches are former smokers who have quit using Allen Carr’s method. This gives them a better understanding of the problems and fears that smokers deal with, and makes it easier for them to see things from a smoker’s perspective.

What if I’m not motivated enough?

Every smoker has the motivation to quit. But sometimes, fear gets in the way: fear that life will be less complete without smoking, that social occasions will be less fun, that you’ll always feel like something is missing, that you won’t be able to cope with stressful and difficult situations, that you’ll be less able to concentrate, that you’ll definitely fail, that the first few weeks will be torture…

These fears are all normal, and they will be removed during the course. After the course, you’ll feel less anxious and the desire to light another cigarette will be gone. Just keep an open mind, and you’ll be a happy non-smoker before you know it!

For more information and testimonials, visit the Allen Carr website: www.allencarr.nl

Choose a course date that works for you

Go to the Allen Carr Netherlands website to sign up for one of the face-to-face or online training sessions, which are offered several times a month. Here’s how to sign up: 

1.    Go to www.allencarr.nl

2.    Click on the Schrijf je in button at the bottom of the page or select Trainingsdata

3.    Choose a course date, then click on naar de volgende stap 

4.    Fill in all the requested details in step 2:

5.    Click Verder

6.    Click Confirm (this is the third and final step)

7.    After you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This means you’re ready for your course!


If you’d prefer to take the course in English, please send an email to info@allencarr.nl

For further information check out www.allencarr.nl

Quit Smoking
This training is provided monthly by an external trainer, which you as a UT employee can participate in free of charge. If you are interested, please contact cdc-hr@utwente.nl.