Speak up!

An individual program that helps you to be more effective in conversations

UT stands for an organisation in which everyone feels recognised and rewarded. That doesn't mean it always happens by itself. Speaking out helps to create movement or change things. For example, to make your colleagues enthusiastic about your idea, to take more control in your annual meeting, or finally get your agenda item on the table in the meeting. Conversational help can help you speak out.

In this Speak-out program, we find out what moves and prevents you from speaking out in a specific situation at work. We make you more aware of your language, your voice and your expression, so that you can use it more effectively in a conversation. We also advise you on how to make the setting or environment work for you. This way you make it easier for yourself to say what you think should be said. 

The conversation help consists of three steps, based on the latest insights into social and behavioral psychology, conversation and years of practical experience. Short and powerful so you can move on quickly.


  1. You fill in a short online questionnaire in advance. This helps to focus on what you want to achieve with the conversation. You choose the sparring partner that suits you best. By every sparring partner you can find if they speak English or another language.
  2. Then you have a 'basic help session' that can take up to an hour of your time. Short, so that the focus and effectiveness is guaranteed.
  3. You apply your experiences from the help conversation in the 'stressful conversation'.
  4. Finally, there is a follow-up by telephone in which you will receive additional tips, so that you will be even stronger in a next conversation.
  • Programme is for

    Program is for all employees

  • Date & time

    In consultation with a sparring partner

  • Location

    Online or live

  • Maximum participants

    1 for every session

  • Trainers

    Find the sparring partner that suits you best

  • Course materials

    Intake questionnaire / worksheet

More information and sign in via www.rechtdoorzee.nu