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Performance skills - Grow as an authentic teacher

  • Course code


  • Programme is for

    Experienced and starting Lecturers/(assistant) professors; PhD candidates

  • Date

    4 runs per year

  • Time

    2,5 hour session

  • Location

    On campus

  • Participants

    Small group session max. 10/min.
    6 participants

  • Trainers

    Robert Middelburg, Eduardo Hermsen


After the session the participant is able to:

Perform teaching activities (lectures) based on own strengths


In this workshop, you will experience and practice in a safe atmosphere how to perform and grow as an authentic teacher.

This will result in more energy and bring across the subject matter with enthusiasm and confidence to promote student learning.   

 The three sessions consist of:

  1. Inside out: from head into your body
  2. Stand in front of the group: voice, story and body language in interaction
  3. Show off: improvisation

During the session, you will be coached by an experienced theatre producer and educational expert.

A short intake on your personal motivation will be part of this workshop. Intakes will be planned in September 2022.

Some teaching experience is helpful, but not mandatory.


The session is organised by the CELT.


This session is designed for starting and experienced teachers.

Further information

For more information contact:
Robert Middelburg or
Eduardo Hermsen

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Performance skills - Grow as an authentic teacher
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