Chemical Science & Engineering (BSc & MSc)

Bachelor of Science Chemical Science & Engineering

Chemical Science and Engineering (CSE) is the best educational programme for engineers with an interest in chemistry. The smallest structures in a lab, small enough to fit on a chip, and the biggest reactors and distillation columns, have all been designed by chemical engineers. The full-time programme worth 180 credits is taught entirely in English and is leading to the title Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Master of Science Chemical Science & Engineering

The objective of our Master's in Chemical Science and Engineering is to educate chemical engineers for careers in industry, academia and government, and to advance research in Chemical Engineering. The two-year Master’s in Chemical Engineering is a full-time programme worth 120 credits, taught entirely in English and leading to the title Master of Science (MSc). It has three specialisations, each focusing on a key aspect of chemical engineering:

  • Chemical & Process Engineering, which focuses on designing processes that deliver optimum performance in terms of technology, the economy, the environment and meeting society’s needs;
  • Molecular & Materials Engineering, which centres on the design, manufacture, application and characterization of new materials with high-tech features.
  • Materials Science & Engineering, a true multi-disciplinary specialisation with a strong emphasis on the development of materials science and engineering skills at the interface of materials chemistry, applied physics and mechanical engineering.

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