Cyber Security 2023-2024

Our society critically depends on cyber space for almost everything, including banking, transport & logistics, air travel, energy, telecommunications, flood defences, health care, email, social networks, and even warfare. The consequences of cyber security failures could be disastrous and the demand for cyber security specialists is therefore high and rising. The cyber security master specialization offers computer science master students the opportunity to become such a highly sought after cyber security specialist.

Collaboration and registration @ UT / TU DELFT

Until September 2024 the UT and TU Delft will continue collaborating within the 4TU Cyber security programme. After September 2024 the UT And TU Delft will part ways and organize their separate programmes. In preparation of 2024 we are already offering UT alternatives to most of the TU Delft courses. So in academic year 20232-2024 students can choose whether to take the UT version or the TUD alternative (via tele-lecturing or previous lecture recordings). 

After September 2024 the tele-lecturing and any agreements wrt the ease of registration and grace period dissapear. Students might still be able to take courses from Delft, the same way they can follow courses at all other Dutch universities, but their subsidiary student registration will no longer be automatically supported and participation is dependent on approval from the receiving institution/programme. Therefore if you are just starting, we recommend taking the UT version of the courses to guarantee continuity.

Registering for Courses at UT or TUD

If you want to take part in courses organized by TU Delft you have to register as guest student (bijvakker) and consequetively register for the Delft course in question at TUD (within their registration deadlines). More information on the Delft courses can be found on
And overview of the UT programme can be found below. Registration takes place within the deadline via Osiris.

The following courses will have an UT as well as an TU Delft version: 

UT course

TUD course

202300045 Security and Cryptography

201500027 Security and Cryptography 4TU (IN4191)

202300044 Cyber Risk Management

201500026 Cyber Risk Management 4TU (TPM027A)

202300047 Cyber Data Analytics

201500037 Cyber Data Analytics 4TU (CS4035)

202300046 Privacy Enhancing Technologies bootcamp (goes to Q2)

201500042 Privacy Enhancing Technologies 4TU (CS4380) (goes to Q2)

To distinguish between the UT and TUD courses, all TUD courses have (4TU) as part of their course name in Osiris. These course require a registration in Delft.

Cohort 2023

After establishing an approved programme cohort 2023 will always see the UT version of the above courses in their examination programme in Osiris. However although we recommend taking the UT version, they can still choose to do the TUD version of the course (when they enrolled in TUD and register for that course at TUD). A succesfully completed TUD course will automatically replace the UT course in their programme whenever the course and grade are entered in Osiris. 

For example. A student starts at the UT in September 2023 as part of cohort 2023. After course programme approval they will be linked to the examination programme of 2023-2024 which includes 202300045 Security and Cryptography. In 1A they can opt to take:

Earlier cohorts

Students who started before September 2023 will need to complete the programme belonging to their cohort (the year they started). Their Osiris examination programme will therefore show the TUD version of the above courses. However they are allowed to replace the TUD version of their courses with the UT alternative. A succesfully completed UT alternative in Osiris will automatically replace the TUD version your exam programme. 

For example. A student started in February 2023 as part of cohort 2022. They are linked to the examination programme of 2022-2023 which includes 201500037 Cyber Data Analytics 4TU (CS4035) as possible advanced course in Osiris. They still need an additional advanced course, and they have not passed Cyber Data Analytic yet. So in 2B they can opt to take 202300047 Cyber Data Analytics by registering for this course in Osiris instead. Once the course is succesfully passed, instead of 201500037 Cyber Data Analytics 4TU, their Osiris course programme will show 202300047 Cyber Data Analytics with the accompanying grade.

Cyber security Programme 2023-2024

The programme consists of:

Core courses Computer Science 

The following courses are mandatory for all Computer Science Cyber Security students:

Core courses Cyber Security

The following 4 courses are mandatory:

Advanced courses

At least 4 courses should be chosen out of the following:

Profiling space

Suggested Electives:

EIT Digital Master School 2023-2024

The requirements for the specialization in Data Science and Technology can also be fulfilled by completing the Cyber security programme at the EIT Digital Masterschool, one year of which takes place at the University of Twente.

The entry year of EIT Digital Cyber Security follows the rules for the Master’s programme in Computer Science. The total amount of credits during the entry year must be at least 60 EC. The exit year is completed at a partner university and will consist of at least a graduation project and a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E). The following course is mandatory for all Computer Science students: 191612680 Computer Ethics (UT).

Core courses EIT Digital eNtry

The following course is mandatory to all CS students:

the following 9 courses are mandatory for EIT entry year students:

Advanced and profiling courses EIT Digital Entry

At least 2 courses must be chosen out of the following advanced or elective I&E courses (or other electives (see regular Cybsec programme):

Advanced courses

Elective Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) courses

Courses EIT Exit

The following parts are mandatory:

For the remainder of the 60EC, the student needs to pick at least 15 EC from the following courses:

Programme mentor F.W. Hahn (Florian)
Programme mentor Cyber Security

Study Adviser