Internet Science and Technology (IST)

The Internet Science and Technology programme enables students to gain a thorough understanding of all core topics in networking, from technology to application, while also offering them a choice of relevant courses that focus more on specific aspects. Students study the design and analysis of the Internet, mobile and wireless networks, as well as emerging and embedded networks, including car-to-car, industrial control and health networks. Students also cover novel developments, such as cloud and social networks and the Internet of Things, gaining in-depth understanding of the dependability and security of networks. 

Core courses

The following 4 courses are mandatory:

Advanced courses

At least 4 courses should be chosen out of the following: 

Profiling space

Suggested elective courses:

All courses offered by the University of Twente can be found in the course catalogue:

Mandatory Computer Science courses

The admission committee may have imposed extra constraints on your study programme, to ensure a good match between your bachelor programme and the Master's programme: 1.Homologation courses: these are courses that you have to include in your programme, in the space for free courses. Thus, they fall within the 120 EC of the total programme. 2.Deficiency or pre-master courses: these are courses that you have to do in addition to the 120 EC of the regular programme.

Programme mentor P.T. de Boer (Pieter-Tjerk)
Programme mentor IST

Study advisorS