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Course programme approval

The student must complete the following steps to obtain course programme approval:

  1. Orientation
    Students complete subjects and sit interim examinations as they see fit. In this phase only a few credits can be earned. During this phase, the student can be advised by the admis­sions board or, if the choice of track is clear, by a programme mentor (see second section under 3). If the student chooses subjects or projects during orientation without consultation of the admissions board or a programme mentor, he/she does so at his/her own risk. If 15 credits have been earned in the master’s programme, the orientation ends. At this point, permission from a programme mentor is required for a more complete programme of at least one year. Phase 2 begins. In case the student during orientation chooses only subjects and projects which are mandatory for any course programme (within a given gra­duation subject field or track), consultation with and approval by a programme mentor may be postponed to a maximum of 30 credits. No one can earn more than 30 credits in phase 1.
  2. Approval of initial choices
    After receiving approval from the programme mentor, at least 60 credits of the course programme to be completed or already partially completed are laid down. The choice of graduation subject field or track is clear, as is the matter of whether a traineeship will be included in the course programme. The manner in which the credits for optional units of study are to be allocated and the chair/chairs from which the student will graduate may still be not entirely clear.
  3. Approval of entire course programme
    The programme mentor approves the 120-credit course programme in its entirety. At this point it is clear which chair/chairs will bear responsibility for the student’s graduation supervision. Students may reduce the term of Phase 1 and skip Phase 2. Regardless of how the student wishes to proceed, once the limit established for the orientation phase has been reached (i.e. 15 programme credits earned or 30 credits for mandatory units of study only), the programme mentor must be contacted.