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Year 1

The Creative Technology programme aims at graduates who are Social problem solvers.

To this end, they acquire knowledge and skills in five areas:

  1. Self-managing design process;
  2. Understanding and use of technology;
  3. Designing for interaction, expression, impact and experience;
  4. Societal, economic, and global competences; and
  5. Academic and professional skills.

Year 1  contains four modules:
Module 1: We Create Identity
Module 2: Smart Environments
Module 3: Living and working Tomorrow, Ideation and Explorative Design
Module 4: Art, Impact and Technology

From September 2020, each module will consist of a number of study units that together create a study load of 15 EC. Modules are scheduled in a ten week period (a quartile). Each module has a range of activities which contribute to the five areas of intended learning outcomes mentioned above.  Approximately one third of the study load of a module is devoted to a project, a “Creative Application (CA)”,  which means students will work in a group towards a concept and prototype, where the constraints on the result to be delivered are very general, and where finding a “starting point” is part of the designer’s creative process.