Programme staff

Programme Director
dr. A.M. (Alma) Schaafstal

Room: Zilverling A110

Programme coordinator
Dr. Ir. Erik J. Faber

Room: Zilverling A112

+31 53 489 2041

Graduation Project Coordinator
Ir. Ing. R.G.A. (Richard) Bults

Room: Zilverling 1028

Study Adviser for Creative Technology and Business & IT
T.H. (Thea) de Kluijver
Present: Monday until Thursday: 9.00am - 5.00pm

Room: Zilverling 1003
Skype: sakluijver
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Traineeship office EEMCS Faculty

Internationalization coordinator
Ms. Janke Rademaker

Room: Zilverling 1032


Educational Support

Assessment and Quality

Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER, Dutch: OER)