By the Company-U program, students get acquainted with regional companies. 

Mechanical Engineering in Twente & Amsterdam

The University of Twente and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam jointly offer the bachelor programme Mechanical Engineering programme as of September 2019. The bachelor programme offers scholars, that have chosen a Nature & Technology Profile in secondary college, the possibility to apply for a technical bachelor at an university in their region, catering for the enornous demand of academically-trained professionals on the labor market. 


In the Company-U program, students are introduced to Mechanical Engineering in professional practice during the UT-VU bachelor's program. "Company-U" expresses the valuable connections that are made between companies and students and the university. The interesting technology ecosystem in the region around the UT has a special place in this. Many companies are working on developments and various applications in sub-areas of Mechanical Engineering. Students learn how the theory and processes they learn about in study, are used in practice and see "the next level". They see which jobs Mechanical Engineers have in the companies. Students can use these experiences in their further choice of study and career. 

The University of Twente - Faculty of Engineering Technology, companies, and Provincie Overijssel - Twente region, collaborate and co-invest by the Regiodeal Twente Talent Leonardo project in the Company-U program, to connect technically highly educated talent with the regional technology ecosystem.

The educational program - projects and courses

The three-year English bachelor program Mechanical Engineering takes place partly in Amsterdam and partly in Twente. After graduating the BSc-ME the students can continue into the master Mechanical Engineering at UT or other masters at VU and UT.

The courses and projects in the educational program UT-VU Mechanical Engineering are related to relevant themes: Manufacturing, Energy Transition and Sustainability, Maintenance, Technology of Healthcare, Thermal & Fluid Engineering. Connections with professional practice are made by guest lectures, excursions, and several ways of project engagement. 

Students meet companies

In the second year of the bachelor's program, students are introduced to companies in the context of study and career orientation. Companies give introductory sessions and later in the academic year, students spend (part of) a day joining a company of their own interest. These introductions provide students desired insights: what opportunities are there as a Mechanical Engineer after completing the study, and which master's specializations are related to their area of interest.

Internship and Graduation assignment with companies 

In the UT-VU bachelor's program, students have the option of doing an internship in the third year and/or doing a graduation assignment in collaboration with a company. In the assignments, the connection is made between topics in companies and the themes of the Mechanical Engineering course. It gives students insight into how what they have learned can be applied in practice. In these collaborations valuable personal connections are made for the further study and professional career.

Companies in the wider region around the University of Twente provide assignments to welcome highly skilled technical talent.

More information & submit an internship proposal at your company:
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  • Students involved are highly motivated, eager to learn, "high yield" employees whose enthusiasm can motivate employees.
  • Internships provide a personal and effective journey to engage and connect with talent.
  • Graduates who have interned with a company show the need for less job orientation and training.
  • A way of keeping up with new methods, theories, and concepts related to the business areas.
  • Opportunity to promote the company on campus through returning interns - goodwill ambassadors and "image builders".
  • Closer relationships between academic and companies can be developed.