Pre-requirements of the Master Thesis COM
To be able to start with the Master Thesis COM, and thus to be assigned to a tutor, following (minimal) pre-requirements have to be met:

  1. Admission to the Master COM by means of a completed bachelor COM, pre-master COM or else obtained bachelor degree, upon which a direct admittance to the master programme COM is granted.
  2. Furthermore, following pre-requirements apply:
      - Succesfull completions of Essentials (5EC) + two elective courses (10EC)
      - Active participation in Research Topics (hence, handed in research proposal for assessment)

Start master thesis and registration in Mobility Online

In order to start your Master Thesis, you need to send your research proposal to the Thesis Coordinator (Mark Tempelman), based upon which a supervisor (and co-reader) can be assigned.
 - Your research proposal is basically your “graduation contract” or “learning agreement”.
 - The thesis coordinator will send a confirmation e-mail to you and your supervisor (and co-reader).

Mandatory registration of Master Thesis in Mobility Online
Apart from the research proposal, based on which a supervisor and co-reader will be assigned, students are also expected to register the start of their master thesis in Mobility Online (Graduation Registration):