Binding Study Recommendation

The UT enforces a binding recommendation for all Bachelor programmes. To receive a positive recommendation you have to obtain 45 of the 60 first year credits (EC’s). For the Ba-programme Communication Science this can be accomplished by:

  1. Completing at least three complete modules (45 EC); OR
  2. Completing at least 75% of the first-year study load (300 out of 400 percentage points module component weighting factors, as registered in OSIRIS); provided that students have no more than one insufficient grade in each learning-teaching trajectory (the four learning-teaching-trajectories in the first year are: Project, Theory, Research Methodology and Skills).

Not meeting this norm means that you cannot re-enroll in the programme for the next three years, save situations in which personal circumstances played an important role.  

For specific information on  the Binding recommendation of the Communication Science programme please refer to the Programme-specific appendix B-COM of the Education and Examination Regulations (OER)

For specific procedural information on this regulation: