Excellence programmes

For students obtaining excellent results there are two options for doing something extra up and above the standard programme: the Star programme within the programme and the UT’s Bachelor Honours programme.

The Star programme

A Star programme is offered in five out of the eight core modules of the programme (in modules 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8). Participation in a Star programme implies that the selected students will do an individual assignment in relation to the topic of the module.

Students will be selected to participate in a Star programme. Details of the selection procedure will be announced before the start of a module. There will be a separate selection procedure for each of the five modules which is directed at selecting approximately 10% of the students. Successful participation in this programme, including the total number of excellence Stars obtained, will be mentioned on the diploma supplement. Successful participation in the Star programme of at least three modules may result in graduating with distinction.

The UT Bachelor’s Honours programme

This programme starts every year in February and is for the top 5% of first year students of each study only. In nearly one and a half year students follow a programme of 30 EC. Three variants are offered, in science, design and mathematics. Students work in interdisciplinary groups and learn about great scientists or designs, learn to ask questions about everyday scientific situations, will learn how to write their own research proposal and make a joint final work. More information can be found at the website of the honours programme.