Test subject

The educational programme Communication Science finds it important that her bachelor students experience empirical research also in the role of being a test subject. In this way students get acquainted with different types of research and it is an extra way to prepare for students own research activities in the context of their study. The so called Test Subject Hours are an obligatory and official part of the Bachelor exam Communication Science. For the complete bachelor programme it comprises 15 hours, of which 10 hours belong to the first academic year. Please see for further information on this arrangement the Education and Examination Regulations (EER),  - and within these the Programme specific appendix (PSA) B-COM, paragraph 8c.

The 10 TS-hours of the first year do not play any role in determining the Binding Study Recommendation. A positive BSR will only be related to an accomplished minimum of 45 EC at the end of the first year. However, to formally complete the whole first academic year it is necessary to obtain 10 TS-hours, next to the four first year modules (60 EC).

The test subject arrangement will be organized, as well as administered through the online SONA system. Ones this system records 10 TS-hours, then the subject “Subject Hours B1” in your Study Progress Report in OSIRIS, will read “V”. After an extra 5 TS-hours during your second or third year, the subject "Subject Hours B2/B3" will also read "V", which will complete the total of 15 hours.

Credentials for the Sona-system will be provided to you at your UT-mail address mid October at the latest.
The Sona-system: https://utwente.sona-systems.com/Default.aspx?ReturnUrl=/