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At the University of Twente the digital learning environment (DLE) Blackboard is linked to the courses in Osiris.
Due to this link Blackboard courses will be automatically created when a course is finalized in Osiris. The lecturers mentioned in Osiris are automatically enrolled as 'Instructor.'
Students who are enrolled in Osiris are also automatically enrolled in the Blackboard course. When students cannot automatically enroll in a Blackboard course they have to contact their programs educational Office (BOZ)

 Manuals can be found on the educational systems website of Blackboard


More information about BlackBoard and other (online) tools about tests and interactivity can be found on the Solutions website of TELT
For technical Blackboard support you can contact one of the employees below.

Huub Engbers & Rogier Harmelink


Bram Westerveld

Bram Westerveld

Elke Vinke-Dinius & Jelle Rienks

BH 217/218