2. Study delay

  • Study delay due to personal circumstances

    At the end of the academic year, your study process is evaluated. There may be personal circumstances that affect your study progress and increase your study delay. By law, only the following justifiable grounds for study delay can be recognized by the CPO:

    • illness / disability / psychological problems: a medical certificate from a Dutch doctor or BIG-registered psychologist is required.
    • pregnancy and delivery: A certificate from your midwife or gynaecologist is required.
    • exceptional family circumstances: you are advised to submit a supporting statements or documents. This can be everything, like medical proof or a death certificate in case of the death of a family member. If nothing is possible, please contact cpo@utwente.nl and explain why you can't submit supporting documents.
    • Student activism: membership of University Council, Faculty Council, Programme Committee or board as mentioned in FOBOS Regulations, Appendix B, Basic list for allocation of activism grants. It's required to attach the MoMi Activism Form to your application.
    • insufficiently feasible study programme: Lodge with supporting documents/statements.
    • other special circumstances determined by the board of the institution, for example Top-level Sports or Top-level Arts. In case of Top-Level Sports or Top-Level Arts, a decision from UT Committee Topsports or Topculture is required.
    • circumstances other than the aforementioned which, if a request for financial support on the part of the institution's administration was not honored, would lead to an unfairness of a predominant nature.

    Important note:

    In a consecutive period of sponsor, the notification to the IND can only be omitted if the student has insufficient study progress due to a recognized personal circumstance as listed above, that hasn’t been used previously to omit a notification.

    Also, not meeting the (additional) MoMi terms, when you followed a preparatory year (pre-master) for the maximum period of time (12 months), unfortunately can not be justified due to personal circumstances. The 12 month period can not be extended.

  • I have a study delay (due to personal circumstances), what do I need to do?

    1. Contact your Fainco or study adviser. If you experience a delay - or think you will experience a delay - in the progress of your study based on the circumstances mentioned above, you must contact your Fainco or study adviser immediately to draw up a study plan. If you are in doubt whether your circumstances are justifiable grounds for delay, you or your study adviser can always consult a student counsellor. Please note: If there are personal circumstances, binding agreements will be made in writing between you and the program to ensure that timely graduation is not compromised. There will be no mention on your diploma of any matters that you discuss with a study advisor, a student counselor or a student psychologist. 

    2. Arrange a meeting with the student counsellor of SACC as soon as study delay occurs (before the 1st of July). This is mandatory. The student counsellor can advise you and help formulate the problem, as well as provide you with advice regarding (financial) regulations that might be applicable. You are advised to consult the student counsellor well in time.

    3. Submit an application for assessment of your circumstances to the CPO as soon as possible (from the 1st of April, but before the 1st of July of the current academic year). Your case will be dealt with confidentially. Please note that gathering the necessary evidence to support your application might take some time, hence it is advised to consult a student counsellor well in advance about the evidence needed (e.g. a medical certificate). The evidence is stated in the application and can also be found on the website of the CPO .

  • What do I do after the application? 

    After you submitted your application and you give permission to share the information (advisable) with your Fainco, the Fainco of your educational programme will receive a copy of your application. After your case has been assessed by the CPO, an advice will be given to the MoMi Committee. The CPO decides whether your circumstances are recognizes and your study delay is justifiable. The MoMi Committee, who will take the advice of the CPO into account, makes the final decision and you will receive a letter. 

    If your study delay is not justifiable, the IND will be informed. They will take the final decision about revoking your residence permit.

  • I disagree with the advice of the CPO, what to do?

    You can submit a complaint to the UT Complaints Desk. Before a complaint is submitted, you are advised to seek informal advice from the student counsellor.

  • MoMi and activism, how does that work?

    (Student activism: membership of University Council, Faculty Council, Programme Committee or board of recognized associations listed in category 3 and 4 FOBOS, Appendix B, Basic list for allocation of activism grants.)

    Students (with board functions as forementioned) who have a study delay, can fill in the MoMi Activism Form: a statement of the association mentioning your position and the period you are/were in the board. This form is a proof of the worked hours and is part of a CPO request.

    Filling in the MoMi Activism Form is required when the student submits an application for assessment by the CPO on the grounds of activism. The student must attach the MoMi Activism Form to the CPO request.

    It’s up to the CPO to assess if the activism was the cause of the study delay regarding MoMi, the form and the programme (study advisor) will be consulted. The form doesn’t give a guarantee for MoMi exemption. In addition, the recognition of the circumstances in the context of MoMi by the CPO gives no guarantee for FOBOS.