UTServicesCESSACCRegulations4. Residence permit and sponsorship

4. Residence permit and sponsorship

  • What can the UT do for me as my sponsor?

    •  The UT can assess whether the application for a residence permit is complete and
        whether you can meet the conditions for admission, before the application is
    •  The UT submits the application for a residence permit to the IND through an
        accelerated procedure, on which the IND will make a decision.
    •  The UT reports to the IND, for example about (possible) insufficient study progress,
        on which the IND will make a decision.
    •  On behalf of you, the UT can object to a negative decision by the IND, for example
        when rejecting the residence application or withdrawing a residence permit.

  • At what point is the UT no longer my sponsor?

    •  If you have another sponsor.
    •  If you have received a residence permit for another purpose of stay or for an
        indefinite period of time.
    •  If you have become a Dutch national.
    •  If your residence permit has been withdrawn.
    •  If you have left the Netherlands as a final departure, and the UT has reported this to
        the IND.
    •  If the UT is no longer recognized as a sponsor.

  •  What is the validity of my residence permit?

    The end date is on your residence permit. Normally, the residence permit for study is valid for the duration of your program plus three months. You can get an extra year for a preparatory year, for example to learn Dutch. A residence permit is granted for a maximum of five years.
    Keep in mind: regardless of the date shown on your residence permit card, you need to meet the MoMi standard.

  •  My residence permit expires, what do I have to do?

    If your residence permit expires, you will be notified two months in advance by the UT. You can renew your residence permit. Note that it can only be renewed if you submit the renewal request before the end date expires. In addition, the IND can take up to two months to process your renewal application. If your residence permit is not renewed on time, you will have to leave the Netherlands. If you have any questions about the extension of your residence permit, please contact Student Services.

  •  Do I still have time after the expiration of my residence permit?

    The residence permit for study is valid for the duration of your study plus three months. This period of three months is given to you to arrange matters, such as receiving your diploma or registering with another educational institution as your sponsor. After that date, you will need to leave the Netherlands.

  • After completing my Bachelor's degree, I want to do a Master's. Will I get a new permit for the entire duration of my study?

    After your Bachelor's degree, you get a residence permit for the duration of the Master’s program plus three months.