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apply within 3 months after the end of your circumstances, or, if applicable earlier, in the last month of your C+1 period or registration

Financial support is possible in case of study delay due to certain specific circumstances.

The Force Majeure Allowance Regulation is part of the FOBOS (Financial Support for Special Circumstance of Students). The Personal Circumstances Committee (CPO) will assess your application on behalf of the Executive Board. In case of questions, please contact the CPO registry or a student counsellor.

The rules in short

  • The regulation FOBOS September 2020 is applicable
  • Only full-time enrolled students are eligible  
  • Support is only for recognized circumstances during the compensation period (C+1) of your bachelor's and/or master's programme
  • The C+1 period starts from your first moment of enrolment in Higher Education.
  • Pre-master students are only eligible for this regulation in case of a recognized insufficient feasible educational programme
  • Submit application within 3 months after your circumstances have ended, or if applicable earlier, in the last month of your C+1 period or registration.
  • You must have notified your study advisor as soon as your circumstances occur and the student counsellor and when you are lagging behind you have to notify the student counsellor within 3 months
  • Extension of UTS/OTS grant is sometimes possible when a force majeure allowance is established
  • The amount of a month force majeure allowance is equal to one month actually paid tuition fee
  • You can receive max 24 months of support (up to max € 8,000)
  • The application should be supported with evidence, which can be emailed
supporting evidence
wat is required

Insufficient feasible educational programme

If you are dealing with problems with a part (module, course, semester) of your educational programme or with your internship or thesis, you need to notify your study adviser or programme director a.s.a.p. If, however, it has caused study delay, you may be eligible for a Force Majeure Allowance. See the regulation FOBOS, Force Majeure Allowance Regulation (art. 3.) for the application procedure.

FAQ Force Majeure Allowance

FOBOS regulation (pdf)