6. Study delay and MoMi

Study delay due to personal circumstances

At the end of the academic year, your study process is evaluated. There may be personal circumstances that affect your study progress and increase your study delay. According to the law, these are the personal circumstances:
• illness;
•  physical, sensory or other functional disorder;
•  pregnancy and delivery;
•  special family circumstances;
•  the membership (or chair) of the university council, faculty council, program board /
   committee or a board in accordance with the FOBOS Regulations;
•  an insufficiently feasible study program;
•  other special circumstances determined by the board of the institution, for example
   Top-level Sports or Top-level Arts;
•  circumstances other than the aforementioned which, if a request for financial
   support on the part of the institution's administration was not honored, would
   lead to an unfairness of a predominant nature.

In a consecutive period of sponsor, the notification to the IND can only be omitted if the student has insufficient study progress due to a recognized personal circumstance as listed above, that hasn’t been used previously to omit a notification.

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I have a study delay (due to personal circumstances), what do I need to do?

When circumstances arise that can influence your study (progress), you must report it to your program as soon as reasonably possible. You can request the CPO to assess your circumstances (button on top of the MoMi website) before the first of July of the current academic year. You may also need to hand in proof e.g. a medical certificate.  
Please contact your program and read the information on the MoMi website to see what you have to do www.utwente.nl/en/ces/sacc/regulations/momi/.  

If there are personal circumstances, binding agreements will be made in writing between you and the program to ensure that timely graduation is not compromised. There will be no mention on your diploma of any matters that you discuss with a study advisor, a student counselor or a student psychologist.

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 I disagree with the advice of the CPO, what to do?

You can submit a complaint to the UT Complaints Desk. Before a complaint is submitted, you are advised to seek informal advice from the student counsellor.

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