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Self-management course

For students who have no clear view of what they need to study when the deadlines are due. Students who are not used to plan their activities.

Because in high school success was easy, often by just leafing through the book on the night before a test. But now that is no longer enough.
In this course we will walk through the process of setting goals, planning study tasks, executing them and checking yourself on how you are doing. You practice each step during the week following a session. This will help you to discover what changes you need to make and how best to shape them to fit your style.  


6 weekly meetings. The course will be held in English.


New dates will be announced later!

Because you pass through the different stages of the planning process it is essential that you be present at each session. Before signing up it is important to check if your schedule allows you to be present at every meeting. If not, then we offer the possibility of individual self-management support.


Placement will be done in order of receipt of your application. If the group is full, you will be placed on the waiting list for the next course. Places are limited.


This course is free of charge


Please contact the secretariat of SACC: +31 53 489 2035 or visit our desk in the Vrijhof, 3rd floor, room 311 (red desk).