Reporting personal circumstances

Disclose personal circumstances

Report your Personal circumstances, which (may) affect your studying and education.


Your data will be registered in the UT information system. The information about your disability is highly confidential, so we treat it with great care.

Use the form that applies to you.

I am:

  • Prospective student

    If you expect to encounter difficulties during your studies due to your personal circumstances, we encourage you to report and disclose your circumstances in advance.

    By discussing your personal circumstances, we are able, within our abilities, to offer appropriate support, taking into account your specific wishes. An introductory meeting prior to your studies at the UT is one of the possibilities.

    For more information on 'studying with personal circumstances', please contact the diversity coordinator.

    Report your personal circumstances
    Disclosure form
  • UT-student

    Inform your study adviser

    If studying or following courses is difficult due to personal circumstances, it is important to inform the study adviser of your programme.

    The study adviser gives you advice and support with the application of (test) facilities, extra guidance and, if necessary and desirable, thinks with you about an adjustment in the study programme.

    Application for a support scheme

    A report of personal circumstances does not automatically lead to an application for a support scheme. A specific form has been designed for this purpose.

    For more information and application of support schemes:

    • Binding recommendation - request for assessment of personal circumstances (applicable to first year Bachelor students)
    • FOBOS - financial support for special circumstances students.
    • MoMi -┬áIf you failed or will fail to meet the MoMi requirements because of circumstances that delayed your study.
    Reporting your personal circumstances
    Disclosure form