Step-by-step Guide applying for facilities

This guide describes the procedure of applying for facilities and regulations for students with personal circumstances that affect their study.

Step 1: Reporting Personal circumstances

Report your personal circumstances. 

Study delay

In case of (threatening) study delay due to personal circumstances make an appointment with the study adviser of your programme as soon as possible. Discuss the consequences for your study planning and the possibilities for study progress.

Discuss financial implications and additional support with the student counsellor.

Step 2: Interview with the study advisor

An intake with the study adviser of your educational programme follows. 

Indicate what limitations you experience based on your experiences so far and what the consequences are.

Indicate what support, facilities or adjustments you desire. If intensive support is needed make an appointment for an exploratory discussion at least 3 months before the start of your studies. This includes facilities regarding accessibility of buildings.

Step 3: submitting a statement

A statement is required to justify your application for facilities and regulations for personal reasons:

  • for medical reasons: a medical certificate from a doctor
  • in case of dyslexia: a dyslexia statement signed by a psychologist or remedial

(we use the criteria of Stichting Dyslexie Nederland (Dutch) )

Step 4: determining and applying facilities

Discuss with the study adviser the feasibility of the education you wish to follow and which facilities and adjustments are possible, necessary and effective. The study adviser will advise and assist you in applying for educational adjustments and / or examination facilities. 

Upon your request for facilities the study advisor decides on behalf of the faculty dean for how long and for what provision you qualify. The Examination Board will assess your request for changes in your education (customization). A decision is issued: you get the facility/adjustment or a rejection. If your request is rejected, you have the right to appeal.

Step 5: Realization of facilities

The examination bureau regulates practical organization of your assigned examination facilities.

Step 6: Evaluation and revision

Usually a facility is issued for one academic year. You have to apply for a new request every year. If your situation changes, report it to your study advisor, for example in case of study delay or new problems.