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Academic skills support for PhD candidates

The UTLC provides support while you develop your professional presentation and writing skills throughout your PhD research at the University of Twente.

 You can receive individual support while working on,  for example:

  • a conference presentation
  • a scientific poster
  • your PhD thesis
  • a journal article
  • a cover or rebuttal letter
  • a grant proposal
  • your CV

For presentations, we provide feedback on presentation skills, PowerPoint slide design and scientific poster design. For written texts, we provide feedback on issues such as clarity and cohesion, academic tone, as well as English language issues.

The individual support you receive will focus on further development of your professional presentation and/or writing skills, and your coach will have a strong scientific research background.

Please contact Dr. ir Aline Valster at; she will hook you up with a qualified, native-speaker researcher or skills trainer who can support you.

Please note that although we do provide a certain amount of editing for educational purposes, this is NOT a full scientific editing service. For scientific editing services, we refer to our list of preferred freelance editors: