Scientific editing services

UTLC recommends the following editors for the editing of scientific texts, such as research articles or grant proposals. Please note that these are independent editors who are not associated with UTLC. You will have to make arrangements about payment and contracts with these editors directly; UTLC only provides contact information as an additional service.


Communicating good science in clear, well-written English can be challenging for non-native speakers. I can help you to meet this challenge by transforming the final draft of your paper into a polished text – well-structured, easy-to-read and free of errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation – that is ready for submission to your journal of choice.

I have a PhD in neuroscience and more than 10 years of research experience. With this strong scientific background together with professional qualifications in language editing, I have helped many scientists and medical professionals to get their work published. Contact me today at to find out how I can help you.


Just like you, your intended readers are likely to be busy people who prefer texts that are clear and to the point. As an experienced academic language editor I can help to make your writing more effective and deliver the message in your journal article, report or grant proposal in such a way that your work is more likely to be read, cited and funded.

I have an MSc in Plant Pathology, a PhD in Ecology, and plenty of experience with publishing my own research and writing grant proposals. Since 2004, I have been working as a freelance technical translator, editor and trainer in academic writing for a broad range of clients. My areas of expertise include agriculture, ecology, soil & water management, renewable energy and climate science. See and my Linkedin


I have a love of both science and words. As an undergraduate in Australia, I completed a double degree in Arts and Science majoring in Botany, Zoology and Cinema Studies. I then went further into science, specialising in botanical taxonomy for my Phd – the names and differences between plant species. I have also worked in ecological consultancy, biodiversity informatics and university teaching.

I helped design and teach the Academic Bootcamps for PhDs and Science Writing course at the University of Twente for the first few years they ran. I have years of experience with scientific writing of all forms, reports, grant applications (including a successful NWO Veni), presentations, posters, proposals - you name it, I’ve done it.

I have returned to Australia working as a freelancer in science and scientific writing. I can help you to improve the clarity in your writing, can edit your work, check for consistency, give you feedback on your grant proposal or help polish a presentation. Drop me a line and see how I can help you:


As an editor, my goal is to ensure you engage effectively with the readers of your text. Can they follow your line of argument? Is the text written in a style they expect and easy for them to understand? And, most important of all, will the text help you realise your goal?

I grew up in the UK and studied Applied Biology at Imperial College London. After completing my PhD in Entomology at Wageningen University and a brief spell of teaching, I started working in science communication as a writer, translator and editor in 1999. Since then, I’ve helped many researchers to publish their research articles in the natural, applied and medical sciences. And I’ve lent a helping hand in a variety of successful grant applications (NWO and ERC).

Of course, I will edit your text for correct English, readability and style. But I do far more. I can spar with you to bring the added value of your research to the fore and help you pitch your message successfully.

Curious about how I can help you? Then give me a call (+31 6 3007 3499) or send an email to



My editorial expertise is based on a deep understanding of the English needs of Dutch writers. Born Dutch, raised in New Zealand, I moved to the Netherlands in 1980 and speak fluent Dutch. As your editor, you will find me a sensitive specialist in removing traces of your Dutch accent from your text while ensuring that your English is clear, correct and, most important, readable.

I am a qualified journalist (London School of Journalism) and language editor (Instituut voor Tolken en Vertalers, Utrecht). Before setting up NEEDSer in 2004, I worked for Reed Elsevier for 20 years, including 10 years as editor of the company magazine, Elsevier Science World. As a member of SENSE (Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands) I edited the society’s online magazine, eSense.

With NEEDSer, I have gained broad experience helping Dutch academics writing for international journals in widely diverse fields. Besides many master’s theses, PhD dissertations, and grant applications, I have edited business books for Professional Capital, and Noordhoff.

How may I help you? Mail me now at and let’s find out. NEEDSer stands for Native-English Editing + Translation Service.



I am a qualified proofreader and copy editor who has spent many years revising PhD and Master's texts for University of London students. I am bilingual in English and Dutch, having a Dutch mother and a British father, so I am in the perfect position to enhance texts in English written by non-native speakers. I also spent 17 years working for the BBC as a News Online journalist, so I am highly experienced in advising on the clarity and accuracy of texts, and how to write in an authoritative but approachable style.

My expertise is in the fields of Business Studies and Public Policy, Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation, or the Social Sciences. I will offer a quote based on a sample text you send me. I am incredibly passionate about helping students achieve success, so will do Zoom calls with you and will be available on WhatsApp until the day you submit your text. Please see my LinkedIn profile to read reviews from past students I’ve worked with:

You can get in touch with me