Spanish 3


This course aims to further improve people's Spanish language proficiency skills. The course focuses on those communicative language skills needed to deal confidently with personal and professional situations. The primary focus is on listening skills, but reading, writing and speaking also form an integral part of the course. This course prepares participants for the DELE-examination, an internationally recognized language certificate.


The course will make use of authentic material as language input, such as radio or television programmes and articles on topical issues. Course material is selected on the basis of the participants' motivation and interests.

This course consists of 15 lessons of two hours each. Each lesson students receive instruction on one or more language issues, within a certain context. That same context is used in a series of exercises on other skills, to intensify learning, or for the purpose of repetition.

As in Spanish 1+2, the course is based on audio and video input. However, Spanish 3 also actively trains reading and writing skills. Active participation in class is a prerequisite for successful learning. Students are expected to practise and familiarise themselves with newly acquired language skills at home. Online sources are provided to help self-study.


Spanish 3 is the second module in a series of two: Spanish 1+2 and Spanish 3. Self-study is expected to take at least 2 hours a week. 

Course overview

  • Course code


  • Programme is for

    The course is intended for people who have a good working knowledge of Spanish and who are intending to spend time working or studying in a Spanish speaking country. The course takes place at CEF-level B1. The DELE-exam is optional and at the participant's own cost. For more information about the exam, contact Instituto Cervantes.

  • ECTS

    The study load for this course is roughly equivalent to 2 ECTS.

  • Date

    Check the available course dates on the page below  

  • Time

    Check the available time slots on the page below  

  • Location

    On site

  • Course fee

    UT bachelor and master’s students: €150 payable at registration. PhD and employees: €300 payable at registration. Course materials are included. 

  • Maximum participants

    Minimum 10 and maximum 15 participants

  • Trainers

    Qualified teacher of Spanish as a foreign Language

  • Course materials

    Provided by the UT Language Centre.

  • Requirements

    Spanish 1+2. If you think your Spanish is of a comparable level (i.e. B1), then please contact the UTLC to inquire whether you need to do a placement test.

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