WiPDaF - Wissenschaftliche Internationale Partnerschaften Deutsch als Fremdsprache

If you are interested in our online courses, you have the possibility to try one out for 1 day free to find out whether you would like to book the full course.

As usual, WiPDaF offers...

  • Fast and application-oriented acquisition of language and culture
  • Intensive training in all four skills
  • Lessons with competent and experienced teachers
  • Specifically designed teaching materials
  • Explicit training of working and learning strategies


  • You can attend our live language training from anywhere in the world, even if you are not in beautiful Münster.
  • The duration of the course is always four weeks. For 20 days of classes you train live in videoconferences with our teachers as well as offline in focused self-study phases. Of course, you will be provided with exercises and support. Daily feedback makes swift progress in your learning possible.

This is what your course day will look like:

  • You will receive introductory material, with which you can prepare for the meeting in the virtual classroom.
  • Within the live sessions you will work communicatively and interactively on your language competences.
  • You will then receive exercises and tasks for your self-study phase, in which you can consolidate what you have learned.
  • In following live sessions you will reconvene. In addition, you will receive follow-up exercises.
  • The live sessions and your slef-study phases alternate. Your workload for each day will amount to at least 4 lessons combined.


  • You choose one of the course phases on offer. The duration of one course phase is 4 weeks. Starting a course is possible every month.
  • After that, you will receive a survey on your learning goals as well as a link to an assessment test.
  • After we received your information and the results of the assessment test, we will choose the appropriate program with you (according to competence levels and learning goals).
  • You will receive an introductory session, in order for you to familiarize yourself with the tools, enviroment and your teacher, so that you are ready to get started.
  • Please consider that we require 3 working days to process your application, assessment and consultation.
  • Let’s go!

You need:

  • a computer with a camera and a microphon or a headset or smartphone (with reservations)
  • a stable internet connection

Information via: https://www.wipdaf-deutschkurse-muenster.de/english/courses/online-courses-german/

The WiPDaF eV is a non-profit organization aiming at improving the international cooperation between institutes and organizations by providing an academically oriented course program on German as a foreign language.

The UT Language Centre cooperates with WiPDaF eV. in Munster to provide German courses. The German courses will be held in Munster, Germany.

More information about WiPDaF eV and their course program can be found here: 

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