Public Speaking


We’ve all seen boring presentations. We’ve all given them too, usually when we try to pretend the audience isn’t there! But, the key to becoming a more confident and engaging speaker often lies in doing just the opposite: learning to work with your audience. On this course, your trainer Gerben Tuin draws on his multidisciplinary background of physics and performing arts to help you reframe your approach to public speaking.

Rather than considering it a linear model of communication (unidirectional transfer of information from sender to receiver), you learn how to understand and navigate it as a transactional model (reciprocal sending and receiving of messages). In doing so, you level up your toolkit when it comes to public speaking, and go quite a few steps beyond ‘’tell them what you will say, say it, and tell them what you have said’’!

So, if you are ready to become a more confident and engaging public speaker, this course will help you develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills for public speaking and learn how to:

·       Use logic and emotion to engage your audience

·       Project authority on your topic

·       Manage nervousness and stress

·       Understand audience responses and adapt your communication in real-time to keep them listening


Four evening workshops of three hours focusing on:

·       Prioritising and structuring content

·       Employing principles of ethos, pathos and logos to engage your audience

·       Designing and interacting with slides or other aids

·       Engaging audience imagination through visuals, body positioning, eye contact, and hand gestures

·       Dealing with nerves, obligation and boredom

·       Managing and responding to your audience


14 hours: 4 x 3 hour workshops (12) and 4 x preparation tasks of 1 hour (4)

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    Students of the UT

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    On campus

  • Course fee

    € 25 non-refundable administration fee

  • Maximum participants

    Maximum of 22 participants

  • Trainers

    Gerben Tuin

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Public Speaking
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