CELT: Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching

The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ)

The UTQ (or in dutch: BKO) is a qualification of didactic competences of university teachers. All teaching staff of the University of Twente have to acquire this certificate within 3 years after their employment. In 2008 14 Dutch universities have officially signed a joint agreement of the Teaching Qualification (UTQ) and its characteristics. An UTQ qualification is nationally acknowlegded. 

UTQ competences

The UTQ of the UT is about developing and demonstrating 6 didactic competences in a portfolio:

Competence 1: Developing teaching
Competence 2: Implementing teaching
Competence 3: Testing & assessment
Competence 4: Organization of education
Competence 5: Evaluating teaching
Competence 6: Professionalization

Check here for the specific UTQ competences and criteria

Supervision and facilitation

The UTQ starts with an intake interview with the supervisor of your own faculty: 


Contact person:

Email address:


Chantal Scholten  

Thelma Stobbelaar

chantal.scholten@utwente.nl (maternity leave till June)

t.vanderlaan@utwente.nl (replacement Feb till June)


Charlotte Oude Alink



Karen Slotman



Cornelise Vreman



Marie Jose Verkroost


During the UTQ track you will be supervised by your own faculty supervisor, who will provide you with information, feedback and supervision meetings with peers. If you want you can also follow didactic courses and/or practical workshops to educate yourself into the several education principles and techniques.
Althoug following our courses is not obliged (the UTQ learning path is characterized by a self-directed approach), nevertheless we do advice to follow (some) basic courses. 

All UTQ courses, and other educational courses/workshops are presented in our Course Overview.
Working on your UTQ?  Check the UTQ toolbox for supporting materials related to the 6 competences. 

Manuals and procedures 

UTQ Exemption: rules & procedure


An UTQ exemption stands for an equivalent of the UTQ competences and is granted in case of:

  • a diplom of a post graduate teacher training (eerstegraads bevoegdheid), followed by a reflection report of the UTQ competencies focused on the application of the educational theory in the academic context.
  • a VELON certificate
  • an abroad achieved pedagogical diplom/certificate in academic context, equivalent to the UTQ competences. 

Note: an UTQ exemption means the acquitance of the UTQ obligation. An UTQ exemption will not lead to an UTQ certificate/qualification.


  • If you think you are eligible for an UTQ exemption, please contact the HR advisor of your own faculty.
  • The HR advisor requests for the exemption through the exemption advisor of CELT.
  • The CELT advisor evaluates the evidences delivered by the candidate (diploms, supporting documents).    
  • The CELT advisor will schedule a meeting with the candidate to talk about the reflection report, diplom/certificate and the UT educational context
  • CELT advises the faculty (dean/HR) about granting or not the UTQ exemption.
  • Finally the faculty decides whether to assign the exemption and informes the candidate


Read about the personal experiences of two lecturers with UTQ. 
Report and experiences of ITC- teachers regarding the UTQ two-day session

Pressure cooker

UTQ Pressure Cookers are writing sessions for experienced teachers in the UTQ. Main goal is to make the portfolio ready for the assessment.

A Pressure Cooker exits of three days within one week. Next to a short introduction per competence (considering criteria and required evidence) participants mainly work intensively on their portfolio under the guidance of UTQ-coaches. The character is practise oriented; the focus is on filling and writing the UTQ- portfolio in the most efficient manner. When participant behorehand collects all the needed evidence (see checklist) and the time during sessions is spent efficiently, it is do-able to completely fill the portfolio and hand it in for assessment. Click here for an example of the programme of a Pressure Cooker.

Participating and the effort spent is on own responsibility. When you are not able to participate on one of the days in the series, no guarantee can be given that it is possible to finish the portfolio within the week.

Pressure Cooker in short:

  • For experienced teachers in the UTQ track;
  • 3 days within one week; 
  • Writing sessions, not a course; 
  • Preparation: participants upload the required materials into their portfolio environment on Blackboard (see the Pressure Cooker checklist);   
  • During sessions: receiving & incorporation of immediate feedback on products
  • The assessment interview is not part of the Pressure Cooker
  • Estimated time investment: 40hrs

If you have interest in a Pressure Cooker please contact the educational advisor of your faculty.


Contact our office or the BKO/UTQ coordinator: 
Marije Hahnen-Florijn (phone: 053-4894366; m.e.hahnen@utwente.nl)

4TU: Arbitration & Appeal

In the 4TU UTQ regulation you'll find the information of the joined procedures, competences and the arbitration and appeal procedure in case of disagreement of the assessment result.