do you know telt? second newsletter

You are reading the second edition of the TELT newsletter. As the TELT team we’d like to inform our lecturers on recent projects and achievements, as well as solutions that are available at our university.

But, first things first. The acronym TELT? This stands for Technology Enhanced Learning Teaching. The TELT team is a multi-disciplinary group consisting of experts from the fields of educational design, library and information technology.

Project review - Voting

We have done several succesful projects with so-called voting tools. With these tools you can easily do a quick test in your class on the comprehension of the subject you are teaching. So, if you want more lively discussions, and deliver more interactive lectures, a voting tool might be something you could use in class.

By occasionally taking a test or quiz during your classes, students are actively involved in the subject. More interaction between teacher and students in general has a positive impact on the learning process. And simultanously you will get informative feedback on how you are doing.

You can build upon these experiences.

Solution spotlight – Blackboard Collaborate

In our newsletter we also want to point our readers to an application that might be useful to use. For this newsletter we’d like to put the spotlight on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

This product can be best described as a virtual classroom. It has features that are similar to a physical classroom. But this is a classroom that is situated on the Internet, so you can deliver your lessons live across the globe. Blackboard Collaborate makes it possible to extend your teaching to learners around the world. Blackboard Collaborate is available for everyone at our university.


Our next TELT exposition will be on Thursday 22 September 2016 for the Faculty of Engineering Technology (CTW). We will be available for your questions during lunchtime in the VR Lab. More information will follow after the summer break.

Furthermore we would like to point out the “stimuleringsregeling” of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This is open for proposals right now, until 15 December 2016. Two lecturers of our university (Henk van der Kolk and Pepijn van Passel) received two grants for this calender year, as you might have read. We will gladly help and advise you in drafting a proposal. So do not hesitate to get in touch with us at More information on the Stimuleringsregeling is available at SURF (only in Dutch).

More information

For more information please visit If you want to get in touch to discuss possibilities and ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us through email

The TELT team

Members of the TELT Team are Laura Bergmans, Martin Bosker, Eduardo Hermsen, Wytze Koopal, Ard Kosters, Marloes Luttikhuis, Bé Meerman (who is the coordinator), Chris Rouwenhorst, Karen Slotman, Dennis Vierkant, Martine ten Voorde – ter Braack and Petri de Willigen.