Get rid of free riders in your course?

It is not always fair to give all students the same mark in a project. Students argue that their individual contributions are not taken into account. That's why the last 2 years several lecturers at the University of Twente experimented with an alternative way to assess group work.  WebPA was used as a supporting digital solution. WebPa uses peer assessment to mark students contributions to the group work.  With the use of a questionnaire students assess each other and there is also an option for self-assessment. The results can be shown in various formats (for example anonymous or non-anonymous).

 The TELT team now integrated WebPA into BlackBoard and it is available in all courses at the University of Twente. This means that you can develop a WebPA assignment directly from your Blackboard course, synchronize your Blackboard groups in WebPA and integrate the marks in the grade center of Blackboard.

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