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Lecture: Digital education futures by Sian Bayne

The massive shift to online delivery that we have experienced through the pandemic has led many of us in universities to think deeply about the kind of teaching we would like to do in the future. This talk will aim to support this new thinking, focusing on what drives our digital education futures and arguing that now is a time to take control of what we want those futures to look like.

On Tuesday 18 May (10.00 - 11.00hr), Sian Bayne (Professor of Digital Education and Director of Education at the Edinburgh Futures Institute) will discuss key themes like the place of the campus in the post-digital world, how COVID has changed our practice as academic educators, the promises of ‘ed-tech’ and how universities might go about designing their own future ‘imaginaries’ for a desirable post-COVID higher education.

With this inspiring lecture by Sian Bayne, the Faculty of S&T will kick off the first edition of the S&T Month of Education.

About Sian Sayne

Sian Bayne is a Professor of Digital Education and Director of Education at the Edinburgh Futures Institute. She directs the Centre for Research in Digital Education, where her research is currently focused on higher education futures, interdisciplinary approaches to researching digital education and digital pedagogy. She is one of the authors of The Manifesto for Teaching Online, recently published by MIT Press. She led the Near Future Teaching project to design a values-based future for digital education, the final report of which is available here. More information about her work is on her website.

Sian gives regular keynotes on the future of digital education, publishes widely and has conducted research funded by UKRI, Erasmus+, AdvanceHE and NESTA.

About the Month of Education

Every day, we see our teachers continually strive to provide high-quality education, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We are proud to see how rapidly they have responded to the tremendous challenges, and how creative and innovative they have been in adapting educational tasks. To inspire and further support all our colleagues, we’ve organised an energising and motivational Month of Education: a month full of inspirational lectures by external speakers, workshops to practice how to design and implement innovative education, and thematic sessions on topics such as recognition and rewarding in teaching, success stories of teaching during the pandemic, education beyond COVID-19, challenge-based learning, and lifelong learning, but also student engagement and the learning assistant programme. For more information and the programme, please visit our website.