University Teaching Qualification - BasisKwalificatie Onderwijs

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The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ, or in Dutch "Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs" BKO) is a qualification of pedagogical competencies of university teachers. All teaching staff of the University of Twente need to acquire this certificate within 3 years following the start of their employment. A UTQ qualification is nationally acknowledged. 

This is achieved through a targeted emphasis on five key "competences" that define the educational experience. To successfully navigate the UTQ Trajectory, individuals are required to enroll in courses addressing each of these competences. The completion of these courses, accompanied by the successful fulfillment of the associated assessment criteria, culminates in the attainment of a partial competence certificate. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded and enriched educational journey, fostering the development of essential skills and knowledge in alignment with the UTQ standards. To sign up for the courses, click here

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Any questions or comments regarding the UTQ? You can contact the CELT support office or UTQ coordinator Angelique Assink.

A.H. Assink MSc (Angelique)
Coordinator UTQ

Citadel H342

A. Abou Alwi (Amani)
Supporting staff