Nova Founders Capital - Our future CEO's - Ambitious Management Trainees to become our future CEOs

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Nova Founders Capital

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Christian Petersen

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Our future CEO's - Ambitious Management Trainees to become our future CEOs

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6 - Sep - 2017

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About Nova Founders Capital
We are an investment company, that builds and invests in companies globally. Founded in 2012 Our Group has +500 employees, across 13 markets and has delivered global top 1% return to our investors. We are on the road to build a USD 10 billion conglomerate over the next 7 years, and are looking for our future CEO's to join us on this journey.

Management Trainee Role
As a Management Trainee, you will work across Our Group, expanding, running and building businesses. Your job may be 6 months in 1 country, and a 1 week in another, going wherever the most important problems are to solve them and to take Our Group forward. You will need to become an expert in building processes, and driving discipline and execution in Our Group, while becoming group expert on different topics. You will represent our CEO, partners and investors in the firms, and will therefore be expected to be the most prepared and humble, smartest and hardest working person, in the room.

Once you are done as a Management Trainee, we expect you to take a senior level role in Our Group, driving towards becoming CEO in a company or partner with us over time.

What we are looking for
• top 5% grades from a top university
• very active outside the school, ideally with student's politics and relevant work experience
• structured problem solving, with the ability to think outside the box
• clear ability to sell ideas and make people follow you as a leader
• very loyal and humble
• focused on getting things done, and being successful in what you are doing at any moment
• Eligible to work in the EU.

If you want be part of our management trainee program and building one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial groups, then just send us your resume. We look forward to hearing from you.