Philips Lighting - Account Manager - Philips Hue

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Philips Lighting

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Ingrid Szary

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Account Manager - Philips Hue

Preference Study Discipline (if possible)

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1 - Aug - 2017

Short description
At Philips Lighting, we are looking for an enthusiastic recent MSc graduate in Business or Marketing who will develop and optimize the sales of consumer connected lighting, Philips Hue, to a defined number of accounts, including the largest electronic retailer in the Netherlands. As an Account Manager you represent Philips Lighting towards the account and internally represent the account. By visiting each store, you are responsible for the way our solutions are represented, building relationship with multiple stakeholders at the customer, and will do the negotiations around year contracts. Setting up a variety of marketing activations is a key part of your role, in close collaboration with marketing.

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