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Studying Abroad

In the third year of the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor’s degree programme, you are required to include a semester that broadens your horizons or deepens your knowledge. In the current Twente Education Model (TOM), this semester is called your free choice component, and can be used to study abroad. 

During this semester, you can choose to spend a maximum of six months abroad, for instance by:

  • Spending the semester studying at a foreign university
  • Following a minor programme that includes a field study or internship, such as Crossing Borders .
  • Putting together your own minor that includes components to be completed abroad (such as summer school, participation in engineering competitions)

Visit the student mobility website for more information on what possibilities there are for studying abroad. There you can find, for instance, what the opportunities for ET students are, which partner universities there are, and what admission deadlines apply. If you have any questions, you can approach the student mobility coordinator by email, or during consultation hours.

Please take into account the fact that the exam committee has to grant permission for your course programme and other activities abroad.