Brinksma Innovation Grant

The Brinksma Education Innovation Grant was created to maintain the spirit of educational innovation in the UT initiated with the Twente Education Model during Brinksma’s Rectorship. The BIG is an annual grant for an individual member of (academic) staff, that enables him or her to design and/or test an innovative didactical concept, preferably in a course or module delivered at the University of Twente. 

The grant includes financial compensation for 0,2 fte of the candidate’s appointment, to be awarded by the department for the period of one calender year. Furthermore, the candidate can declare up to k2,5 for travelling and other expenses related to the project. And finally, the candidate can call on support  by experts from the CELT-team.

There is also a small trophy connected to the commencement of the grant.

The candidate who has successfully obtained the BIG will be announced each year on the UT Education Day. At next Year’s Education Day, he or she is expected to deliver a keynote about the results of the project. The next winner will be announced on that day as well.

Ed Brinksma

Prof. Dr. Ed Brinksma was the University of Twente’s rector magnificus from 2008 to 2016. Under his leadership, a number of innovations in the university’s teaching were introduced. Most notable among these is the introduction of TOM, the Twente Education Model for undergraduate programs.

Ed Brinksma is a proponent of Student Driven Learning, an approach in which students are challenged to shape their own educational experience as much as possible.