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Science in Practice

Engineers entertain ideas and ideals about what the technology they are working on will eventually become in society. Their expectations and promises are grounded in their work. Rather than providing critique directly, we aim to teach engineers to look at their own work with a critical eye. Before we can do so however, we must first understand the thought processes that are part of designing and developing new technologies.

How can we develop a philosophy of science that suits the engineering sciences?

The research line Science in Practice concentrates on the way expectations guide technological design in everyday laboratory practice. We aim to help in improving the quality of the visions engineers entertain about the future use and impact of their products, by applying epistemological constructivism and analysis of epistemic strategies.

Science in Practice focuses on the following:

  • The context of construction
    Identifying the influence of science practices and tools on the design process.
  • The epistemological issues of research practices
    How do issues such as complexity, inter- and multidisciplinarity, usefulness, reliability, predictability, and innovative power influence the research process?

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