Human-Technology Relations

Humans are inherently technological beings or tool users. We are deficient beings who use technology to complement, enhance, or disburden ourselves.. Technology has without a doubt become a central part of the human condition - for better and worse. It influences us, just as much as we influence it, in our daily lives, but also as moral and ethical beings.

How can we understand the relations between human and technology, and their social, cultural, and political implications?

The research strand Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations seeks to answer that question and its implications through the observation of the influence of technology throughout society. It focusses primarily on the quality of human-technology relations and on the impact on humans as moral beings. We explore and analyze the mechanisms of influence exercised by technological artifacts, and investigate how these influences can be accommodated in the practice of conducting one’s life. Currently, the research strand focuses on three primary facets.

Currently, the research strand Human-Technology Relations focuses on three primary facets:

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