Data Science Week Summer 2023

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We love that you're signing up for the Data Science week! The Data Science Week is a guided tour through a Data Science Challenge. With multiple Workshops in Data Visualization, Data Wrangling and Machine Learning we show you how to set up a proper data science workflow. Each Workshop consists of one hour lecture and one our practical application. The Datathon, in which your Machine Learning Model will compete against all others, will give you the possibility to measure and show off your skills. Please know that a basic level of experience with R is required in order to follow along with the workshops.

 Before we start, we also need to discuss data and privacy. 

We collect name and email address(ess) from you (and your team members). This data is exclusively used to send you information pertaining to the Data Science week. We won't share this data with anyone else, or use it for any other purposes.

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