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Lesson study as an organizational routine in secondary education in the Netherlands

Description project

Within her PhD project, Fenna Wolthuis (University of Groningen) explores how Lesson Study can become a sustainable professional development practice within secondary education. Lesson study is a promising professional development practice from Japan of teacher-led research in which teachers work together to further enhance their students’ learning. However, the implementation of Lesson Study is often short-lived and simplified when introduced in new contexts. Through conceptualizing lesson study as an organizational routine this research aims to explore which factors contribute and constrain to the sustainable implementation of teacher professional development and how it might become a meaningful and embedded practice in schools.

Expected outcomes

This project aims to increase our insights into the way in which Lesson Study becomes an organizational routine within schools. In addition, it generates insights into the overall use of the framework of organizational routines in educational science. Finally, it shows how initiatives like Lesson Study compete for attention with all that is going on in everyday practice in secondary education

involved researchers

Fenna Wolthuis, MSc.  -  contact person
Prof. dr. Klaas van Veen  -  University of Groningen
Dr. Riebrich de Vries  -  University of Groningen
Dr. Mireille Hubers  -  University of Twente

Duration of the project

January 2016 - January 2021

project website

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