Anne-Lynn Hollink, MSc

Finished the master PCRS in 2017

Content of the master
I would definitely recommend the master of Psychology of Conflict, Risk and Safety. In my opinion the master was very interesting and I  learned a lot about different subjects. Besides this, I was able to develop myself and worked on my professional skills during the master, for example presentation skills and research skills. The subjects discussed during the lectures are diverse and challenging and the lectures themselves are usually very practical and interactive. The teachers are specialized in different topics and they are very enthusiastic and helpful.

Internship & master thesis
The master thesis is a really important part of the master. I decided to write my master thesis about victim-offender mediation. I have chosen to explore the influence of guilt and social exclusion on the offenders’ willingness to participate in victim-offender mediation. During the process of writing my master thesis, my supervisor asked me if I was interested to start an internship at the department of Psychology of Conflict, Risk & Safety. There was a PhD research about victim-offender mediation and the researcher needed help with conducting interviews. I decided to do this internship and helped with conducting interviews with victims, offenders and mediators. The internship was a great experience. I learned a lot about conducting scientific research and interviewing in particular. It was interesting to take a look behind the scenes of the department. I had a really nice time as intern at the PCRS department.

Professional career
In my opinion, the master offers you various possibilities for your professional career. During the master it is possible to specialize in a particular topic of your interest, for example to write your master thesis about this subject or to do an internship. The jobs for which you can apply are varied, depending on your professional background. I am going to start my professional career at the safety region Noord- en Oost Gelderland as trainee crisis management. Municipalities are often too small to organize risk- and crisis management themselves, so the safety region is a partnership of municipalities and organizes risk- and crisis management for the region. I am really excited to start working at the safety region Noord- en Oost Gelderland and to bring everything I learned into practice.

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