Head of department

Prof.dr. A. (Ariana) Need
Professor in Sociology

Areas of expertise
Social stratification research
Electoral research
Sociology of education
Social science research methods


M.M. (Manon) Jannink-van het Reve

Building 10: Ravelijn
Room: RA 4216
Phone: +31 53 489 3260
Fax: +31 53 489 2159
E mail:

Office hours:
Monday-Tuesday 9.00-15.00
Thursday 9.00-16.30

J.L.M. (Annette) van der Tuuk-Brand

Building 10: Ravelijn
Room: RA 4216
Phone: +31 53 489 3280
Fax: +31 53 489 2159
E mail:

Office hours:


Prof.dr. M.J.G.J.A. (Marcel) Boogers

Areas of expertise
Regional governance
Institutional innovations
Intergovernmental relations
Local politics
Political organizations
Political leadership

Prof.dr. S.A.H. (Bas) Denters

Areas of expertise
Local and regional governance
Urban policy
Local democracy

Prof.dr. R. (René) Torenvlied
Professor in Public Management

Areas of expertise
Public management, networks and performance in the public sector
Collective decision-making and policy implementation

Prof. dr. R.A. (Ramses) Wessel
Professor of International and European Law and Governance

Areas of expertise
European and International Law
Regulation of Technology
International and European Security
Multilevel and Transnational Regulation
EU External Relations / EU as Global Actor
International Organization


Dr. S. (Shawn) Donnelly

Areas of expertise
International and Comparative Political Economy
Monetary Unions / Macro-economic Policy
Company and Financial market / Accounting Regulation
Economic Competitiveness Strategies and Protectionism
European Integration

Dr. K. (Kostas) Gemenis

Areas of expertise
Political parties and policy positions
Environmental politics

Dr. M.M. (Maya) van den Berg
Program Coordinator Smart Cities Initiative

Dr. M. (Minna) van Gerven-Haanpäa
Assistant professor in sociology

Areas of expertise
European social policy and governance
Comparative welfare state analysis


Dr. G. (Giedo) Jansen
Assistant professor

Areas of expertise
Political sociology
Voting behavior and electoral research
Social stratification research
Industrial and Labor Relations

Dr. V. (Veronica) Junjan
Assistant professor in Public Management

Areas of expertise
Public Administration Reform
Circulatory migration and local government in EU
Organization changes in local governments
Decision making in the public sector

Dr. P.J. (Pieter-Jan) Klok
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise

Dr. C. (Claudio) Matera
Assistant Professor of International and European Institutional Law

Areas of expertise
European law
Constitutional Analysis of EU Law
EU External relations
Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Dr. L. (Luisa) Marin

Areas of expertise
European Criminal law
Judicial Cooperation Criminal Matters
Constitutional Analysis of EU Law

Dr. A.J.J. (Guus) Meershoek
Assistant professor safety studies

Areas of expertise
Modern policing
Public safety governance
History of policing

Dr. P. van der Molen (Irna)

Areas of expertise
Natural Resource Management
Conflict analysis and conflict mediation

Dr. M.R.R. (Ringo) Ossewaarde
Associate professor in sociology

Areas of expertise
Sociology of governance
European societies
Social transformations
Social theory

Dr. M. (Martin) Rosema

Areas of expertise
Voting behaviour
Political psychology

Dr. J.S. (Jörgen) Svensson
Assistant professor sociology

Areas of expertise
Equal treatment


J.P. (Joost) van den Akker

EU referendum campaigns
Comparative (party) politics and regional government
European law (constitutional law / EU decision making process / competition law)

B.H.H. (Ben) Boksebeld

Social Work
Debt settlement and debt counseling
Welfare policy/welfare state

W. (Wenqi) Dang

Environmental protest
Chinese Government
Civic engagement

Q.Q. (Qing Qian) Hé

European Politics (Electoral politics, Party politics)
Political behavior
Public Opinion
Political psychology

Y. (Yasmin) Lurusati

Public Administration Reform
Political Accountability
Policy Responsiveness
Local Democracy
Direct Election
Political Reform
Citizen/Community Participation

E.(Elisa) van der Plas
Researcher, Neuropolitics

Political psychology
Decision neuroscience
Voting behaviour and electoral research

A. (Anna) Priante

Online social movements, organizations and campaigns
Social media and computer-mediated communication
Identity theory
Network theory and analysis
Big data for social sciences
Public communication and understanding of science

C.M.V. (Cherelle) van Stenus, MSc

International and National health care
Policy, management and organization
Intercultural health

Affiliated staff

PhD defences and dissertations