Head of Section 

Dr. M.R.R. (Ringo) Ossewaarde
Associate professor in governance, society and technology

Areas of expertise
The politics of artificial intelligence 
The European Green Deal 
The governance of digital transformation 
Algorithmic governance 
Resilience to climate change
Global governance 
Administrative reforms 
Protest movements


J.L.M. (Annette) van der Tuuk-Brand 

Building 41: Cubicus
Room: C-321
Phone: +31 53 489 3280 
E mail:

Office hours:



Prof.dr. M.J.G.J.A. (Marcel) Boogers

Areas of expertise
Regional governance
Institutional innovations
Intergovernmental relations
Local politics
Political organizations
Political leadership

Prof.dr. A. (Ariana) Need
Professor in Sociology

Areas of expertise 
Policy implementation and policy diffusion 
Pubic health 
Social science research methods 

Prof.dr. R. (René) Torenvlied
Professor in Public Management

Areas of expertise
Public management, networks and performance in the public sector
Collective decision-making and policy implementation


A. (Azadeh) Akbari 
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise

Dr. I. (Islam) Bouzguenda

smart and sustainable cities,
social sustainability,
digital co-design
smart governance 

S. (Simon) Couwenberg

Dr. S. (Shawn) Donnelly

Areas of expertise
International and Comparative Political Economy
Monetary Unions / Macro-economic Policy
Company and Financial market / Accounting Regulation
Economic Competitiveness Strategies and Protectionism
European Integration 

picture of Ola El-Taliawi

O.G. (Ola) El-Taliawi 
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise

Dr. C. (Caroline) Fischer

Resilience, crises, error and risk management 
Digitalization and new technologies in public organizations 
Human resource management in the public sector 
Experimental public administration research

Dr. A. (Annika) Jaansoo 

Areas of expertise 
Cross-border cooperation 
Cross-Border service provision 
Territorial Impact
EU Cohesion Policy 
EU Neighbourhood Policy 
EU Enlargement Policy 

Dr. V. (Veronica) Junjan
Assistant professor in Public Management

Areas of expertise
Public Administration Reform
Circulatory migration and local government in EU
Organization changes in local governments
Decision making in the public sector

Dr. P.J. (Pieter-Jan) Klok
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise

Le Anh Nguyen Long
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise 
Policy emergence and change
Institutional capacity, resilience, and adaptation
Policy learning and diffusion
Policy networks


Dr. C. (Claudio) Matera
Assistant Professor in Comparative and European Public law

Area of expertise
Comparative and European Public Law 


Dr. A.J.J. (Guus) Meershoek
Assistant professor safety studies

Areas of expertise
Modern policing
Public safety governance
History of policing

Dr. M. (Martin) Rosema 
Assistant professor

Areas of expertise
Decision support systems (e.g. voting advice applications) 
Democratic innovation and citizen participation 
Digital democracy 
Elections and referendums 
Emotions and behavioural change 
Political psychology 

Dr. J.S. (Jörgen) Svensson
Assistant professor sociology

Areas of expertise
Equal treatment


M. (Minsi) Li

Governmental crisis communication on social media
Sematic network and communication network on social media
Chinese natural language processing

photo of Daniëlle Overdijk

D. (Daniëlle) Overdijk

The social domain

Y. (Yasmin) Lurusati
External PhD candidate

Public Administration
Political Accountability
Policy Responsiveness
Local Democracy
Direct Election
Political Reform
Citizen/Community Participation 

picture of Tatiana Nascimento

T.(Tatiana) Nascimento-Heim 
External PhD candidate  

International law
Global Governance

J. (Jelle) Turkenburg 
PhD candidate

REDRESS project

Y. (Yeongsool) Yoon

Competition Law and Policy
Data Protection Law and Policy
Privacy issue in Big Data Industry

Affiliated staff

PhD defences and dissertations