What does it take to participate in a group?

Mentor: Hannie Gijlers

More and more schools are implementing forms of collaborative learning in their curriculum. In order to benefit from collaborative learning students not only need to communicate with their peers but also need skills related to regulation of the collaborative learning process in coordination with the regulation of their own learning process. Students need to adapt their behavior based on the actions of peers and the interaction and processes in the group (Järvenoja, Volet & Järvelä, 2012)

Within this project we will focus on the primary school students’ collaboration and regulation skills during project based authentic learning situations. The goal of the study is to investigate what characterizes successful individual and group level communication and regulation processes. 


In the study we use video-recordings of students who complete a group-based science project on energy and complement this with data collected with self reports, and physiological measures.


  • Järvenoja, H., Volet, S. & Järvelä, S., (2012). Regulation of emotions in socially challenging learning situations: An instrument to measure the adaptive and social nature of the regulation process. Educational Psychology, 33 (1), 1-28.