Dr. D.M. (Devrim) Yazan

devrim yazan

Dr. D.M. (Devrim) Yazan

University of Twente

Faculty of Behavioural Management and Social Sciences

Dep. Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems

P.O. Box 217

7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands

Room: RA 3315 (Ravelijn)

Tel: (+31 53 489 6520



Devrim Murat Yazan joined IEBIS in April 2015 within the TECH4PEOPLE project entitled: ‘Design of sustainable second-generation bioenergy supply chains’ and since September 2015 he is also leading the IEBIS in the EU2020 project entitled: ‘SHAREBOX- Secure Management Platform for Shared Process Resources’.

He was graduated in Marmara University (Istanbul, Turkey) in Industrial Engineering and holds a PhD degree in Advanced Production Systems from Interpolytechnic School of Doctorate (Polytechnics of Bari-Turin-Milan, Italy, 2010), by the thesis entitled: ‘Economic and environmental sustainability of production chains: An Enterprise Input-Output approach’. He was a visiting PhD at the Operations Department of University of Groningen (the Netherlands) for one year in 2009 and conducted research on the implementation and coordination of joint production chains via waste and end-of-life product recycling. After completing his PhD, he joined University of Twente’s Biofuels Platform as a post-doctoral researcher at the Twente Centre for Technology and Sustainable Development in 2011. He has been coordinating the research and international networking of the Biofuels Platform since then and dealt with the sustainability of bioenergy supply chains, development of local biomass markets, and efficient regional use of bio-resources. In 2014-2015 he was involved in a regional research project on the sustainability analysis of a bio-refinery supply chain and its role for regional development, in Green Pole industrial zone in Sardinia (Italy).


One of his research interests is the design and development of industrial symbiosis networks where waste of a firm substitutes the primary resource of another firm. Currently, he is leading IEBIS in the SHAREBOX project which is funded by the European Commission within the Horizon2020 framework, as a work-package leader and technical manager. The project aims at developing a decision-support-system for secure management of resource-sharing in industrial symbiosis networks. IEBIS has the role of implementing intelligent decision-support tools using input-output modelling, game theory, and agent-based modelling in SHAREBOX project. The project involves 16 partners from UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Turkey, with a total budget of 6M €.

Devrim’s research interests: sustainable supply chain management, implementation of bio-based economy and circular economy, innovative business models for sustainable regional development, corporate social responsibility, company behaviour in emerging waste markets, design and operations of industrial symbiosis networks, sustainability monitoring, reuse-recycling-remanufacturing, mobile biomass processing, bio-refinery and bio-energy supply chains, life cycle assessment, input-output modelling, game theory, agent-based modelling.


Selected Publications

Yazan, D.M. (2016) Constructing joint production chains: an enterprise input-output approach for alternative energy use. Resources, Conservation & Recycling, Vol. 107, 38-52.

Yazan, D.M., Cafagna, D., Mes, M., Fraccascia, L., Pontrandolfo, P., Zijm, H. (2015) Economic sustainability of biogas production from animal manure: a regional circular economy model, 4th International Symposium jointly organized by EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey, University of Twente, Unilever México & Greening of Industry Network: Circular economy inspiring sustainable innovation, Mexico City, Mexico, November, 11-13.

Yazan, D.M., Mandras, G., Garau, G. (2015) Environmental and economic sustainability of integrated production in bio-refineries: the thistle case in Sardinia, 23rd International Input-Output Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, June 23-26.

Yazan, D.M. (2013) Environmental performance of biorefinery supply chains, 21st International Input-Output Conference, Kitakyushu, Japan, July 7-12.

Yazan, D.M., van Duren I., Mes, M., Kersten, S., Clancy, J., Zijm, H. (2013) A comparative supply chain sustainability evaluation of mobile pyrolysis plants and pyrolysis-based bio-refineries, International Symposium on Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials (BFF2013), Wageningen, the Netherlands, April 7-10.

Yazan, D.M., Clancy, J., Lovett, J.C. (2012) Supply chains, techno-economic assessment and market development for second generation biodiesel. In: Luque R., Melero J.A. Advances in biodiesel production. Second generation processes and technologies, Cambridge, Woodhead Publishing.

Yazan, D.M., Romano, V.A., Albino, V. (2012) The design of industrial symbiosis: An input-output approach, 20th International Input-Output Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia, June 25-29.

Albino, V., Yazan, D.M., Messeni Petruzzelli, A., Okogbaa, G.O. (2011) Logistics flows and enterprise input-output models: aggregate and disaggregate analysis. International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management, Vol. 17 (2), pp. 123-146.

Yazan, D.M., Messeni Petruzzelli, A., Albino, V. (2011) Analyzing the environmental impact of transportation in reengineered supply chains: a case study from a leather upholstery company. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Vol. 16 (4), pp. 335-340.

Yazan, D.M., Garavelli, A.C., Messeni Petruzzelli, A., Albino, V. (2011) The effect of spatial variables on the economic and environmental performance of bioenergy production chains. International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 131 (1), pp. 224-233.

Kühtz, S., Zhou, C., Albino, V., Yazan, D.M. (2010) Energy use in two Italian and Chinese tile manufacturers: a comparison using an enterprise input-output model. Energy, Vol. 35 (1), pp.364-374.

Yazan, D.M., Dangelico, R., Albino, V. (2010) Cooperation in closed-loop supply chains: economic impacts of company behaviour, 18th International Input-Output Conference, Sydney, Australia, June 20-25.

Selected Grants

2015 € 5.9M (€ 725k for University of Twente, IEBIS department) from EU Horizon2020 Call for SPIRE6 – Sustainable Process Industries for “Secure Management Platform for Shared Process Resources –SHAREBOX” Research consortia composed of 15 partners from 6 different European countries.

2015 € 60.000 (with the research team: van Duren I., Mes, M., Kersten, S., Clancy, J., Zijm, H.) from University of Twente, Faculty of Management and Behavioural Sciences, call for Tech4People joint research proposals, for “Designing sustainable second generation bioenergy supply chains: an agent-based modelling approach”.

2014 € 70.000 from Regione Autonoma di Sardegna (Sardinian Autonomous Region, Cagliari, Italy) PO FSE 2007/2013 – Asse IV Capitale Umano- Linea di Attività - l.1.1 – Esercizio Finanziario, for “The role of company behaviour and information availability on the environmental and economic performance of supply chains”.

2010 Cdn$ 35.000 (with the research team: Albino, V., Dangelico, R., Natalicchio, A.) from Network for Business Sustainability (Richard Ivey School of Business of University of Western Ontario, Canada), for “A review and synthesis of research on the use of alternative energy sources in cement manufacturing”.

2010 US$ 2.500 from International Input-Output Association, for the participation in the 18th International Input Output Conference, 20-25 June, Sydney. The grant is gained by the monograph: Yazan, D.M. Constructing joint production chains: an enterprise input-output approach.