Prof. dr. J. (Jos) van Hillegersberg

Research Projects

  • Transumo
    • Supply Chain Integration System
    • DIPLOMA – Distributed Planning with Multi-Agent Systems
      • Approach: agent based coordination in the Rotterdam Port
      • Merba: agent based control of AGV’s in production
  • DEAL - Distributed Engine for Advanced Logistic
    • Agent based order dispatching within a transportation company
  • Software Mass Customization – methodology requirements and method support for model driven development
  • Ecospace: method and environment for future knowledge workers
  • Agent-based coordination in Health-care


  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Process Integration Lab
  • IS Design Methodologies

Curriculum Vitae

Before joining the University of Twente in 2005, prof. Van Hillegersberg was on the faculty of the Rotterdam School of Management, where he worked on component based software systems, IT management, global outsourcing and agent systems for supply chains. He also worked for several years in business. At AEGON he was component manager for the setup of an Internet Bank. He worked at IBM on artificial intelligence and expert systems.

Recent and Relevant Publications

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