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Dr. Ir. C.P. (Christiaan) Katsma

Dr. Ir. C.P. (Christiaan) Katsma

Assistant Professor

Chair in ERP Implementation and Organizational Change

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+ 31 53 489 4093

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General information

Christiaan P. Katsma (1970) is an assistant professor in the department of Information Systems and Change Management. He holds a MSc. in Aerospace engineering and finished his PhD research in may 2008. This work includes an organization change approach for ES implementations. Prior to his position at the university he worked in Germany and Japan in the chemical and ICT industry. In this period he was involved in research & development and as an implementation consultant. His research interests are the implementation of information systems and organizational change. In these fields the main emphasis is on (new) implementation methodologies in relation to (organizational) learning, human behavior and intervention mechanisms. He teaches several Bachelor and Master courses, including design and implementation of Business Information Systems, as well as courses on Enterprise Systems in particular. Christiaan is also involved in various post academic curricula for professionals.


Christiaan is continuing his work on an organizational change approach that can accompany current ES implementation methodologies. This is pursued in different domains, like healthcare, financial institutes and public organizations.

Besides he is initiating specific research on I-music that focuses on the interactive offering and sharing of music using Internet technology. The research in this domain focuses on founding business models and functionalities as well as user adoption of these of I-music services.


-Introduction of Technology in organizations

-Production and Logistic Information Systems

-Business Function Support

Curriculum Vitae


MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology

PhD. in 2008, University of Twente

Academic Posts

Assistant Professor, University of Twente, 2001 – ongoing

Research Areas

ERP/ES Implementation

Organizational Change


Recent and Relevant Publications

Journal Publications

Spil, T.A.M., Katsma, C.P., Stegwee, R.A., ‘Information Systems and Healthcare XXIII: Exploring Interoperability of Electronic Healthcare Records by Studying Demand and Supply in The Netherlands’, Communications of the Association for Information Systems, vol. 20, 2007, pp. 996-1008.

Katsma, C., Spil, T.A.M., Ligt, E. & Wassenaar, D.A. (2006) IT based innovation success in healthcare: The art of implementation and use of an electronic patient record, conditionally accepted at International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management


Katsma, C.P. An organizational change approach for ES implementations. May 2008, PhD Thesis, University of Twente. ISBN 978-90-365-2680-7
Download the Thesis in PDF

Conference Papers

Ton A. M. Spil, Christiaan P. Katsma: Balancing Supply and Demand of an Electronic Health Record in the Netherlands; Not too open systems for not too open users. HICSS 2007: 134

Spil, Ton A.M., Christiaan Katsma, Edwin Ligt & Arjen Wassenaar, Success of IT Based Innovation in Healthcare: The Art of Implementations and Use of an Electronic Patient Record, 4th International Conference on the Management of Healthcare and Medical Technology 25-26 August, 2005 Aalborg, Denmark.

Wassenaar, D.A. & Katsma, C.P., IT-based Innovation in a digital economy - a social learning perspective, 6th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, 25-27 October, Delft, 2004

Katsma, C.P. & Muntslag D.R. (2003) ERP implementations and organizational change: a typology, Oasis 2003 conference proceedings IFIP 8.2 WG. Seattle December 2003.

Spil, T.A.M., Schuring, R.W. & Katsma, C.P., Assessing Resistance of professionals as a determinant of IT-diffusion and IT-use in healthcare, Proceedings of the ninth ECITE conference, Paris, 2002.