Peter Vanberkel P.Eng., PhD

Completed his PhD project on May 27th, 2011, within the departments:

Faculty / School of Management and Governance

Dept. of Operational Methods for Production and Logistics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Dept. of Stochastic Operations Research

Dept. of Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming

CHOIR: Center for Healthcare Operations Improvement & Research

Dissertation Page

Peter was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada on September 14th, 1981. He attended St. Francis Xavier University and Dalhousie University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and a master's of applied science degree. Peter graduated with a PhD in Operations Research (University of Twente) on May 27th, 2011.

He is a registered professional engineer with Engineers Nova Scotia and has worked as an industrial engineer at Canadian Tire Corporation (internship), Michelin Tire Canada Ltd. (internship), the Capital District Health Authority and the IWK Health Centre. As a researcher he has worked at the Netherlands Cancer Institute - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, the British Columbia Cancer Agency, the University of British Columbia and the University of Twente.

Peter now works as an Assistant Professor at Dalhousie University.

Working Papers

-Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., Optimizing the Strategic Patient Mix (under review: Computers & Operations Research Journal, ISI Impact Factor 2.116)

-Hulshof P.J.H., Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., van Houdenhoven M., van Ommeren J.C.W., An Analytical Comparison of the Patient-to-Doctor Policy and the Doctor-to-Patient Policy in the Outpatient Clinic (under review: OR Spectrum, ISI Impact Factor 1.625)

-van Lent W.A.M., Vanberkel P.T., van Harten W.H., A review on the relation between simulation and improvement (under review: International Journal of Quality in Healthcare, ISI Impact Factor 1.881)

-Vanberkel P.T., Hans E.W., Operating Theatre Planning and Scheduling (under review: Handbook of Healthcare System Scheduling: Delivering Care When and Where It is Needed Randolph W. Hall, Editor)

-Vanberkel P.T., Puterman M.L., Litvak N. Panel sizing in oncology

Journal Articles

[1]Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., van Lent W.A.M., van Harten W.H., Accounting for Inpatient Wards when developing Master Surgical Schedules, Anesthesia & Analgesia, 112(6):1472-1479, 2011. ISI Impact Factor 3.083

[2]Masselink I.H.J., van der Mijden T.L.C., Litvak N., Vanberkel P.T., Preparation of chemotherapy drugs: planning policy for reduced waiting times. OMEGA - The International Journal of Management Science., ISI Impact Factor 3.101 (forthcoming)

[3]Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., van Lent W.A.M., van Harten W.H., An exact approach for relating recovering surgical patient workload to the master surgical schedule, Journal of the Operational Research Society, ISI Impact Factor 1.009 (forthcoming) (Online First)

[4]Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., Litvak N., Efficiency evaluation for pooling resources in health care, OR Spectrum, ISI Impact Factor 1.625 (forthcoming) (Online First, poster, slides)

[5]Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., Litvak N., (2010) A Survey of Health Care Models that Encompass Multiple Departments, International Journal of Health Management and Information, 1 (1) 37 - 69 (research.utwente, slides, summary)

[6]Vanberkel P.T., Blake J.T., (2007) A Comprehensive Simulation for Wait Time Reduction and Capacity Planning Applied in General Surgery. Health Care Management Science, 10 (4) 373-385, Special Issue on Simulation in Health Care (link)

Journal Notes

[7]Hulshof P.J.H., van Essen T.J.T., Kortbeek N, Vanberkel P.T., van der Veen E., Zonderland M.E., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., Litvak N., Veltman B., ORchestra: An Online Reference Database of OR/MS Literature in Health Care Health Care Management Science (forthcoming)

[8]Dunbar M., Blake J.T., Vanberkel P.T., Molloy L., Hennigar, A., (2008) Development of a Wait List Computer Simulation Model For Elective Orthopaedic Surgery. Journal of Bone Joint Surgery Br 2008 90-B: 111-a

Refereed Conference Proceedings

[9]Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., Litvak N., van Lent W.A.M., van Harten W.H., (2009) Reallocating Resources to Focused Factories: A Case Study in Chemotherapy, International Perspectives on Operations Research and Health Care: Proceedings of the European Working Group on Operational Research Applied to Health Services. Edited by J.T. Blake and M.W. Carter. (ISBN 978-0-9866179-0-4) ORAHS Toronto, Canada (research.utwente, BETA working paper 259, slides)

[10]Blake J.T., Vanberkel P.T., Dunbar M., Malloy L., Hennigar A, Storey M., (2004) Wait List Management at Capital District Health Authority. In Proceedings of the 30th Meeting of the European Working Group on Operational Research Applied to Health Services. Edited by M. Lagergren. Stockholm, Sweden: ORAHS

[11]Campbell M., Vanberkel P.T., (2007)  Just-in-time patient scheduling in an Eye Care Clinic.  In 37th Annual Conference Proceedings of the Atlantic Schools of Business.  Edited by J. Blake.  Wolfville, NS: Acadia University (paper)

Book Contributions

[12]Vanberkel P.T., Hans E.W., (2009) Holistic healthcare modeling. A viewpoint on managing the complete patient care chain. Contribution to the book: Operational Research Applied to Health Services in Action (ISBN 978-83-7493-409-1), OWPW Publishing

[13]Vanberkel P.T., (2009) Population Density and Location of Future Information Societies. Contribution to the book: Living the ICT Future (ISBN 978-90-365-2963-1)

[14]Vanberkel P.T., Blake J.T., (2008) Quantitative Modelling for Wait Time Reduction, (ISBN 978-3-693-09370-4), VDM Verlag Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany (book)

Conference Proceedings / Technical Papers

[15]Vanberkel P.T., Boucherie R.J., Hans E.W., Hurink J.L., Litvak N., (2009) Designing for Economies of Scale vs. Economies of Focus in Hospital Departments. In: Proceedings of Innovation in Design and Management of Healthcare Facilities and Healthy Environments Research Day, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (paper)

[16]Vanberkel P.T. (2004) Predicting the Results of Resource Changes: A Computer Simulation in a Health Care Environment. Winning Paper, Devonyx Technical Paper Competition, Canadian Society of Industrial Engineers


[17]Vanberkel P.T., (2011) Interacting Hospital Departments and Uncertain Patient Flows: Theoretical Models and Applications. PhD Dissertation, University of Twente (ISBN 987-90-365-3179-5) (Dissertation)

[18]Vanberkel P.T., (2006) The Impact of the Quantity and Use of Resources on Elective Wait Times: A Comprehensive Simulation Applied in General Surgery. Master’s Thesis, Department of Industrial Engineering, Dalhousie University (thesis)

Research Diversions

Running: Completed the 2009 Amsterdam Marathon

Hockey (ijshockey): I currently play with the oldest student Ice Hockey team in the Netherlands, The Enschede Slapping Studs.

Traveling: The University of Twente’s location allows for effortless travel throughout Europe.

Returning to Canada: Usually twice a year my wife and daughter and I return home to Canada to visit with friends and to enjoy country living on my family’s farm in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.