Francis Ssennoga

Francis Ssennoga MBA, MPhil
University of Twente
Kyambogo University
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Francis Ssennoga is a PhD student at the University of Twente (Enschede). He is also a lecturer at Kyambogo University (Kampala). The research, he is currently working on is: Integrating Developing countries into the global procurement market. A case of Uganda.

PhD Research
This study deals with integrating developing countries into the global procurement market. Integration of developing countries into the global economy can be a powerful force for economic growth and poverty reduction and indeed empirical studies indicate that countries, which have integrated into the global economy, have enjoyed increased growth and their per capita income has improved.

In spite the perceived growth, developing countries have continued to vehemently oppose a multilateral framework on procurement. Their argument is that the advocacy of global market integration that has become so ardently pursued by major industrialised countries is misguided. It undermines the multilateral principle of reciprocity and gives insufficient attention to the immense diversity among countries in political, economic and social conditions.

Developing countries therefore need to reassess their development prospects as they become more and more integrated into a multilateral procurement regime. The interaction with global economy may benefit a developing country significantly however the terms of interaction are crucial if the potential benefits are to be realised and if the cost and damage is to be avoided.

This research will develop a model that integrates developing countries into a multilateral procurement framework while carefully paying attention to peculiarities that are prevalent in various countries. It is hoped that the model developed will be invaluable to developing countries in need of striking a balance between promoting free trade and the protection of a country's legitimate domestic non-procurement related objectives.