S. (Simon) Dalmolen MSc


Ph.D. candidate

Building 10 Ravelijn
P.O. Box 217
7500 AE Enschede
Tel: +31 53 489 3500
Email: s.dalmolen@utwente.nl
Twitter: @simondalmolen

General Information

Simon Dalmolen is a Ph.D. candidate in the IEBIS department.
He holds a MSc. in Computing Science (Distributed System & Software Engineering).
His research is part of the 4C4More project about developing Cross Chain Control Centers (4C).

Description of research

The key idea behind Cross Chain Collaboration is to create inter- and intra-supply-chain collaboration. For a higher efficiency use of scarce physical resources and materials, more effective use of scarce human resources. So a boost of the profitability of companies can be achieved, while more efficient use of scarce resources and materials contributes to a sustainable planet. In our research we aim to develop tools/model for an information architecture in addressing cross chain collaboration in logistics and supply chains.

The objective of the research is how cross chain collaboration can be enabled or supported using information systems. Which preconditions are necessary? How can cross chain collaboration being monitored?

A current side-dish is exploring the opportunities and barriers of using a Google Glass in supply chains & logisitics.

Current Research Interests

Logistics & Supply chain management - Cross Chain Collaboration - Interorganisational Systems – Business Intelligence / Mashups - Multi Agent Systems – Information Systems – Serious Gaming – Gamification – Internet of Things – Google Glass



  • Hofman, W. Punter, M. Bastiaansen, H. Cornelisse, E. Dalmolen, S. Semantic technology for enabling logistics innovations – towards Intelligent Cargo in the Physical Internet. In: 8th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL) - accepted
  • Dalmolen, S. and Moonen, J.M. and Hillegersberg, J. van. Building a supply chain ecosystem – How the Enterprise Connectivity Interface (ECI) will enable and support interorganisational collaboration. In: 9th Workshop on The Dynamics of Global Sourcing - accepted
  • Dalmolen, S. and Moonen, J.M. and Hillegersberg, J. van. Industry-wide Inter-organizational Systems and Data Quality: Exploratory findings of the use of GS1 standards in the Dutch retail market. In: Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) Puerto Rico from August 13-15, 2015. - download
  • Dalmolen, S. Stoter, A. Cornelisse, E. Moonen, J.M. Hillegersberg, J. van. Supply chain orchestration and choreography: programmable logistics using semantics. In: 4th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport (IEEE ICALT'2015) - download
  • Gonzalez-Rodriguez, M. Vennesland, A. Dalmolen, S. A Common Language for Logistics Services Interoperability. In: 4th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Logistics and Transport (IEEE ICALT'2015) – download
  • Dalmolen, S. and Moonen, J.M. and Hillegersberg, J. van. Towards an Information Architecture to enable Cross Chain Control Centers. In: Cross-Chain Collaboration in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Supply Chain - download
  • Dijk, T. Van. Spil, T. Burg, S. van der. Wenzler, I. Dalmolen, S. Present or Play: The Effect of Serious Gaming on Demonstrated Behaviour. International journal of game-based learning, 5 (2). - download


  • Dalmolen, S. Ketensamenwerking en de rol van GS1 Data Source (white paper – Dutch) - download
  • Dijk, T van. Spil, T. Burg, S van der. Wenzler, I. Dalmolen, S. Present or Play, Some First Evidence on the Effect on Behaviour of Serious Gaming. The 8th European Conference on Games Based Learning. - download


  • Dalmolen, S. and Moonen, J.M. and Iankoulova, I. and Hillegersberg, J. van Transportation Performances Measures and Metrics: Overall Transportation Effectiveness (OTE): A Framework, Prototype and Case Study. In: 46th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) - request a copy
  • Stoter, A. Dalmolen, S. Mulder, W. Agent-Mining of Grid Log-Files: A Case Study. pp 166-177. Agents and Data Mining Interaction conference – request a copy
  • Katsma, C. Dalmolen, S. Cross-collaborative supply chains: serious gaming via a case study. ISAGA 2013 – request a copy


  • Hillegersberg, J. van and Moonen, H. and Dalmolen, S. Coordination as a service to enable agile business networks. In: 6th Workshop on The Dynamics of Global Sourcing, Perspectives and Practices - request a copy
  • Dalmolen, S. Cornelisse, E. Moonen, H. Stoter, A. Cargo’s Digital Shadow A blueprint to enable a cargo centric information architecture. e-Freight Conference - download 
  • Dalmolen, S. and Cornelisse, E. and Hofman, W. and Basiaansen, H. and Punter, M. and Knoors, F. (2012) Improving sustainability through intelligent cargo and adaptive decision making. e-Freight Conference - download


  • Stoter, A. Dalmolen, S. Drenth, E. Cornelisse, E. Mulder, W. Real-time Context Aware Reasoning in On-board Intelligent Traffic Systems-An Architecture for Ontology-based Reasoning using Finite State Machines. pp. 637-642. ICAART – download - poster
  • Stoter, A. Cornelisse, E. Dalmolen, S. Context-Aware Prioritization of Information: An Architecture for Real-Time In-Vehicle Information Management. Proceedings of the 8th ITS European Congress, Lyon, France – download - poster


  • Dalmolen, S. Defining patterns in unstructured manifests in a volatile cross-domain environment. MSc thesis, University of Groningen - download

Blog / Poster


  • Dalmolen, S. Google Glass biedt logistiek nieuwe realiteit - click here
  • Interview (Moonen H. Dalmolen, S.) EVO Magazine: ‘Werken met fun’ – Serious Gaming & Gamification – click here


  • Dalmolen, S. Connectivity is key voor ketensamenwerking - click here
  • Moonen, H. Dalmolen, S. Serious gaming en gamification: wat kan de logistiek ermee? click here
  • Meints, P. Dalmolen, S. The Dutch Retail Value Chain - The Challenges and opportunities of a LSP – click here


  • Dalmolen, S. Janssen, R. Defining the Cross Chain Control Center (4C), Coordination & Collaboration in Supply Chain Management and IS. 11th Prebem conference
  • Dalmolen, S. Werken met de technieken van morgen - click here

Master Students


  • Meints, A.P. - Improving the dock and staging lane capacity within the warehouses of Albert Heijn by a dynamic allocation during the day. - download
  • Egberink, J – The influence of trust on inter-organizational information sharing in logistic outsourcing relationships - download


  • Kits, J – Fuzzing the near field communication data exchange format – University of Groningen - download
  • Dijk van, T – Present or Play: A ‘real life’ experiment to explore whether people’s shown behaviour after playing a serious game, highlighting the need for a specific set of behaviours, differs from people’s shown behaviour after attending a presentation with the same content, and why - download


  • Iankoulova, I - Business intelligence for horizontal cooperation: measuring the performance of a transportation network sharing cooperation between logistics companies – Award Best BIT MSc thesis - download
  • Gool, M.J. - Travel time reduction through real-time container truck assignment – Radboud University Nijmegen 


  • Vermeulen, F - Disruption Management at NS, Crew scheduling using Multi Agent System techniques – University of Groningen - download

Bachelor Students

2014 (Referaat)

  • Baars, D. S. Improving Energy-Efficiency in Operational Logistics using the Internet-of-Things- download

2013 (Referaat)

  • Egberink, J.G.H. Supply Chain Management: Horizontal collaboration and the role of Information Systems – a literature review - download
  • Meints, A.P. The Dutch Retail Supply Chain – Trends & Challenges - download
  • Vorstenbosch, S. Classifying Road Transport Carbon Emission Monitoring on Quality - download


  • Overbeek, van T. Herontwerp van ondersteuning van bedrijfsprocessen - download

2012 (Referaat)

  • Rongen, B. Making the case for migration of information systems to the cloud - download
  • Wagenaar, J. The impact of the Internet of Things on revenue in supply chains - download


2012 – 2013: Production Logistics Information Systems (Master BIT, TBK) – Teaching Assistant
2012 – 2013: Business Process Integration Lab (Master BIT, TBK) – Teaching Assistant

Doctoral Consortium

2013 – Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST) conference